Sunday, January 08, 2012

Seven years

I’m celebrating my seven years’ anniversary as a blogger these nights. My first article was posted January 5, 2005. Since then I’ve posted 300 entries on the Midnight Fire blog and almost thousand more other places. They cover everything of interest and passion to me, radical politics, environmental issues, transgression art/writing and similar. It’s all one to me, anyway.

It has been and is great fun and so satisfying to publish exactly what I want to publish without any kind of censorship, the censorship so prevalent in established media. I received death threats already before I started out on the internet in 1996. They have only increased in numbers and level since then, even more so after the blogging began.

«You will go to Hell and we will help you get there faster. We know you live in Bergen, Norway and we will search through every house until we find you».

Stuff like that. They «honor» me with their idiocy and intolerance and enmity, really.

I’m basically attacking the foundations for today’s oppressive society, even without trying, no matter what area I write about and pissing people off wholesale. Most people today aren’t used to have their brainwashing challenged.

People coming here are served a completely different dish than they are most other places. There are those great people that enjoy that, but most of my visitors get pissed, very pissed and incoherent.

It has been a great ride and perhaps the best is yet to come…

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Avadonja said...

Man, I came here for sushi and I got this different dish.