Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Janus Clan - transformation and Change

The moment doesn’t catch us. Pray that it does. We don’t catch the moment. Pray that we don’t.

We are the Janus Clan. We brought ourselves into the world thousands of years ago.

Each time we touch the Earth we make it shake in joy and everybody shiver in terror. We bring transformation and Change beyond recall or regret. There is no return to the life that was.

Right from the start we burned with the prophecies of the Prime, the one that in a far, far future would come and liberate us all from the confines of the horrible Machine poisoning humanity’s spirit, the Machine destroying everything making life worth living. It will crumble the nuts and bolts to dust with a single wave of Its mighty hand. The twenty-one bells are heralding Its coming, Its first and second twenty double decades, Its thousand years.

Our visions burn at our core with expectation and terror. Past, present and future, it’s all the same and it’s all now.

When the Prime, the Phoenix, the fire and shadow of existence touches the Earth, when it catches the moment nothing will remain of the old world. Flesh and blood will turn water and land red.

I dream of Its coming, of the spark igniting the world. I can dream of nothing else.

Distant butterfly wings are flapping in the air, creating the first stirrings of the coming Storm. From perceived modest beginnings can come the most powerful of expressions.

Tales of the thousand fires
Chapter 1 verses 1 to 5


Aphrodite said...

Beautiful vision...! Thank-you for sharing...

Amos Keppler said...

Thank you, it pleases me to do so. :)