Friday, December 28, 2012

Amazing, ground-breaking stuff

  From NASA Science Astrophysics site:

  «It turns out that roughly 70% of the Universe is dark energy. Dark matter makes up about 25%. The rest - everything on Earth, everything ever observed with all of our instruments, all normal matter - adds up to less than 5% of the Universe. Come to think of it, maybe it shouldn't be called "normal" matter at all, since it is such a small fraction of the Universe».

  Yes, reality is so much more than what current mainstream humanity and current establishment perceive. True deep thinkers and witches and everybody into Magick and true inquiry have always known, experienced and proven that. Science is, as always doing late discoveries of reality.

  More is unknown than is known - far more.

Friday, December 21, 2012


  A woman, a man or a creature walks the campfires at night. On the longest night she, he or It brings a gift of the spirit to everybody gathered in the circle.
  On the longest night the Giftbringer appears.
  This is the Winter Solstice, not christmas, not Yule, but a night of celebration and contemplation, not christianity and not christianity light, but an ancient night reaffirming humanity’s inherent place in nature.
  The Giftbringer says her piece, aiding individuals and groups. People seeking him, people he seeks, people seeking their center meet in the shadows of the fire and night of humanity and the world. It speaks of the Hidden World, the extension of what common, current humanity perceives as physical reality.
  The world is One, the Giftbringer hums and burns. There is not one world here and another there. Only people seeking division and alienation claim that. Those of us gathering here tonight know the truth, know it even in the glaring light of day. In the depth of our own spirit we find ourselves, and thereby the world.
  The Giftbringer may be present or It may not. They know he is there, even when he isn’t visible, isn’t noticeable on a conscious level. They feel her inside, as something tangible, as a part of themselves. In a sense she is themselves.
  They leave the campfires and roam the quiet darkness, and they find one more piece of what they have always been looking for, what they may never find.
  They solve the mystery, the mystery lives on.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The modern condition perfectly illustrated

  The mole I had removed hid a pesky little malignant tumor within itself and Monday I’m going to the hospital to remove even more of the surrounding tissue, all the way to the muscle in an effort to be more safe than sorry. It will take months to heal properly, but they insist it is a necessary precaution. They’re gonna drug me and cut off that large piece of my skin.
  I dislike hospitals quite a bit, not just because they sum up modern medicine in a nutshell, but also because they are centers of disease and death. If I should write a horror story about ghosts I wouldn’t use a cemetery, but a hospital. It isn’t a place I would choose to die, if I could help it, that’s for sure. I would want to die with my boots on. That was a good choice in the old west, and it still is.
  I and a friend brainstormed about something we called health stations some years ago, decentralized, smaller units focusing on the individual human being, not trying to fix people on an assemble line. Hospitals most certainly evolve in the wrong, opposite direction today.
  Haukeland in Bergen is like most modern hospitals, more like a small city than a building, more like a mall or a labyrinth than a place of healing. Just the simple act of finding your way back out is hard as long as you’re still breathing.
  The cause for any cancer is pretty much established: It is environmental factors, various poisons and chemicals, particularly manmade chemicals we are subjected to since birth.
  Additionally malignant mole tumors may stem from us suffering from sunburns during childhood, and that is a sobering thought as well: that something you did or didn't do forty years ago, such innocent acts can lead to such results.
  I am told that the operation on Monday is pretty straightforward routine, and I believe that, even though there are no guarantees, of course, and I know that, too.

  Lastly, in the great morbid corner: The stipulations I have in my deal with the company printing and distributing my books say that their obligation to do that ends with my death (or not that long afterwards), since I will no longer be able to pay my annual fee for keeping the various books in the digital library they provide and since the starting date for each book is spread pretty much across the year the next payment is never that far off. And then the books may never be available anywhere again, except as obscure items at Norwegian university libraries.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


  I love being different, not just because it removes me from a cold and indifferent and thoroughly destructive society, but because it makes me feel alive in all meanings of the word.
  What is perceived as important for most people isn't important to me. What is important to me and should be to everybody is hardly perceived as important to anybody these sordid days.
  I don’t care about a nine to five job, a wife, marriage, monogamy, 2.4 kids, a «good reputation», a «career», or anything even remotely associated with a normal life.
  Daily news (hardly news at all) from established media is practically ignored, both because I know them to be outright lies and also because they lack significance, because they are nothing more than deliberate distractions from truth and real life.
  My outlook of the world and life and humanity is completely different from the norm. I mostly see true value in what is beyond precious, what the Machine is destroying wholesale every second of its existence.
  The Machine is society, is civilization. There is only one type of civilization: ours.
  I desire true freedom, not the diluted, four-letter-word version we suffer today.
  In nature, in the Wild of the world and human nature I find myself. I cry out in support for the savage at heart kept in cages. In our inch-deep culture the superficial becomes the important. I reject that!
  Beyond, far beyond the current massive degradation of spirit I see the right life for us, for the Human Beings.
  That is true value to me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas musings 2012 (III)

  I’m convinced civilization will collapse in a violent storm of events soon. This won’t be the end of the world, just the end of civilization, the end days of a horrible system of suffering and destruction.
  This is based on facts, on an easily observed chain of events, not some fantasy either good or bad.
  The massive overpopulation is a factor in itself, of course. The overpopulation issue isn’t overestimated, but grossly underestimated. There are three major reasons beyond that.
  We have the human-created climate change, quickly growing beyond even the boldest projection. The rising sea and increasingly violent and frequent storms will drown and blow away all major human settlements.
  There is the upcoming pandemonium, an inevitable wildfire decease that directly and indirectly will kill many millions of people, making the world-wide pandemic in 1918 look like a hand grenade compared to an atomic bomb.
  Then there is the strain on social relations, long since pushed past the breaking point not yet quite manifested.
  Added to all that is the ongoing poisoning of our bodies, making it more than likely that there will be more mass death and sterility very soon, described in great detail in books like Children of Man. Our food and water, our very surroundings are increasingly unsafe and unhealthy. Nature is fading, life on Earth is dying.
  The three and all the rest will arrive as one, unstoppable force. They are already here.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas musings 2012 (II)

  I don’t believe the world will end on December 21. I’m virtually hundred percent certain that it won’t, and I feel strongly that the very claim that it will is one of the most ridiculous ever stated.
  The Maya calendar theory part of this has long since been thoroughly trashed by many, so I won’t even bother to comment it further
  There are many things aiding me in my total rejection of this shit, but one that is very obvious to me is that most of the probabilities of a disaster rest with the existence of Nibiru, the so called Planet X. While I am convinced that those in charge are hiding a lot from the general population and support several of those claims deemed «conspiracy theories» by general propaganda I feel very confident that quite a few of the thousands of amateur astronomers on Earth would expose such a desperate attempt to hide the truth by now…
  This is also true concerning most of the other obscure astronomical events claimed to be related to this subject.
  Planet X will have to be invisible to stay off humanity’s radar. Hell, it has to be outside our very local dimensional space right now. The bullshit factor in this case is unimaginable high.
  New end of the world dates keep rolling off the assembly line and there don’t seem to be any end to them.

  I’m also rejecting the other part of the December 2012 «prophecy».
  Some people claim that humanity will go through a spiritual transformation on and/or soon after the date in question, one bringing about «a golden age», but there is no sign of this happening, not even with the biggest magnifying glass, not on December 21 or in the foreseeable future. Humanity remains stuck in its own beyond horrible mire and the bullshit factor in this case is just as high as in the other case above. Perhaps there are a few million truly aware people on Earth, perhaps, but that is in no way sufficient to bring about anything even remotely what we’re talking about here.
  The so called New Age movement, a fairly disparate group coming out of the early eighties has some enlightened people, but they can almost be counted on one hand. If you ask me most of them lack even the most basic understanding of reality. The fact that they share such a lack with the vast majority of current humanity doesn't change that.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas musings 2012 (I)

  We shouldn't fear the future, I told myself in a moment of despair yesterday.
  Then I began pondering the issue, thinking it through in considerable more detail and told myself: «hey, wait a minute» and I realized I had been totally off in my rosy red self-encouraging and moment of self-deception earlier.
  We, humanity should clearly fear and even feel contempt for the future, as current and truly likely projections go. Each individual just has to feel some kind of personal optimism, on behalf of himself or herself, no matter how bad it is (and it IS bad) or he or she would have no reason to go on living, but to say that humanity and its individuals has any great future is to close our eyes to the obvious truth: We live in an ever more horrible hell on Earth and it’s mostly one of our own making. Everything, from the increasingly oppressive societies and we filling our own nest with poison enough to kill ourselves countless times is human-related horrors, and those are what I am talking about here, not a random cosmic beyond destructive event.
  Like a good friend of me says: Protect your spirit from contamination. Limit your time with positive people…
  Civilization destroys everything making life worth living. Anybody saying otherwise is either a fool or an eager servant of the forces ruining us all. We live through a collective tailspin suicide run unparalleled in history and delude ourselves into a beyond false sense of living the good life.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

True artistic freedom (V)

  What first and foremost strikes me when I watch current mainstream films is that the crew is making them with their hands tied behind their back, and that they are bored out of their skull.
  Doing it better can’t be much of an effort at all.

  I've always sought to make my own films, but have lacked the means and thereby equipment to do it.
  Now, that is no longer a consideration. The equipment has become so inexpensive that almost anybody can buy it.
  When I read about the release of Canon DSLR 5D Mark II in 2009 I knew that my long wait was over, that it was only a matter of time before I could start my career as a truly independent filmmaker. I knew that it wouldn't be soon, but that it wouldn't be that long either.
  Canon 5D Mark II was a professional camera taking still photos and that could also record HD-film with a price far below that of a previous professional video-camera, a downright revolutionary development, the digital revolution once again working for the common man and against big production companies.
  Then, three years later Canon 5D Mark III, yet another major improvement was released. While Mark II was a camera taking great photographs with some film capabilities, Mark III is a film-camera with still-photo capabilities. The stage was set.
  I’m currently reading/rereading three books: “The technique of filmmaking and video editing” (fourth edition) by Ken Dancyger, “Directing” (third edition) by Michael Rabiger and “DV filmmaking from start to finish” by Ian David Aronson, all slightly outdated, but still useful books. I read them mostly to fill the gaps in my technical knowledge, but also to slowly, deliberately approach it all.
  People have always told me that they wouldn’t learn filmmaking because it would lessen their enjoyment of watching films. To me it is the other way around. The more I learn about filmmaking the more I enjoy watching them.
  At this point it is probably at least six months before we purchase the necessary equipment. I take my time as always. Good things often take time. If you go back on this blog you can see how I have promised myself to become a filmmaker quite a few times, but this time the chances of me becoming one are actually bigger than ever. The only thing that can stop me this time is that my life or my financial situation experiences a drastic decline.
  The goal is to make films no one else has made before, of course, to go for a totally new approach to filmmaking. If you can’t be original, in my opinion you shouldn't do anything, and certainly not anything creative.
  I can with conviction state that I don’t care whether or not people watch my films. That doesn't mean they’re necessarily economically unviable, just that I ignore such concerns. Like I’m writing books I want to read, I will make movies I like to watch. The rest will be a surprising bonus.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The vast dangers of obedience

  We see those very dangers today, demonstrated often.
  A pedestrian stands waiting for the red light to change. There are no cars in sight, but he or she still stands there for minutes, before crossing on green. People are law-abiding and obedient far beyond anything even resembling common sense.
  Most people are merely mindlessly repeating the words and actions of others, echoing the propaganda of their given country or society, very much like a walking flesh and bone tape recorder. That is an astounding horror in itself, but one far worse is that they insist that they have their own opinions and live an independent life and can make that claim with an absolutely straight face and beyond firm conviction.
  There is very little doubt there at all, at least not on the smooth surface they present to the world.
  Go figure.
  There is very little true thought there at all, I’m sad to say, at least not beyond the safe parameters set by the brainwashing.
  It’s quite disconcerting and the dire implications for the given individual, for the world and humanity at large are quite obvious.
  Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience.
  The modern human society is oppressive beyond anything previously known and getting worse by the second, and in this horrible process we are turned into obedient, well-behaved little children hardly even raising our voice in a scream of protest, even as the need for protest increases progressively.
  We are taught from an early age, from the cradle to obey, even to police ourselves and the brainwashing has become so effective that very few even question it anymore. This is the best possible society, those in charge tell us and we believe them.
  Concerns are voiced about the increasingly ruined environment, the prevailing injustice and inequality, about the very chances of human survival the coming decades, and the fact that civilization itself is ruining everything making life worth living, but only as pale echoes of what is truly needed, only within the context of current society. Very few of us reject that entire society and everything in it, and that is what’s needed.
  There is very little true artistic freedom, since such expressions of human fire would always be considered an act of rebellion and sedition against any given tyranny.
  Obedience is usually coupled with responsibility. To be a good and loyal citizen is to be responsible, they say.
  If that is responsibility today, I certainly won’t have anything to do with it…
  My loyalty is to far different forces. In my eyes a traitor to a given country or imposed system is a champion of humanity.  The more people who are running around destabilizing the better.
  A society where true freedom reigns would encourage creativity and variety, would embrace true artistic freedom. It wouldn't merely tolerate it, turning each individual into an unruly child expecting to be punished.
  Children would learn to express themselves early on without the countless impediments and trapdoors so prevalent in the current reign, one hostile to all acts threatening its sovereign rule.
  It’s time to rush every single red light placed in front of us by the tyrannical forces ruling our world.

Monday, November 19, 2012

No Way!

  I've read several blog posts from fellow authors recently stating that an author should be cautious about expressing their political views, especially if they are «divisive and offensive», and that those views should be kept far away from your blog.
  All this to not discourage potential readers…
  This prompts several responses from me, the first and foremost being: what bullshit!
  We shouldn't hide ourselves, of course, shouldn't hide our strong, passionate and unpopular opinions at all, but embrace them and speak them loud and brazen. The writers/artists keeping themselves in check when it comes to speaking their opinions in public will do that in their art as well. Bad, very bad!
  They say it might reduce sales, the changes of big sales. That may or may not be true, but so what, what if it does? Do we sell ourselves so easily? I’m afraid we do, most of us.
  I never will!
  Is there any integrity at all left in most of today’s artists? I’m afraid there isn't.
  If you feel art is a business, if you’re in it for the money, you can just as well become a clerk, or an accountant.
  The word «prostitute» had initially nothing to do with people selling their bodies for cash. It became associated with that later. Prostitution is far more widespread than such a limited interpretation of it.
  Think about that the next time you don’t express your views, your innermost, most passionate feeling on your blog or in public, in fear of being ostracized or of losing potential sales.
  You see it everywhere, in virtually everything published by established companies today, how… flat it is, how it is lacking even rudimentary self-expression. We see illustrated everywhere, in music, movies, in the written word and elsewhere what the word «commercial» means, what it ultimately leads to. We see what fear does to us, what an abyss of neurosis that easily becomes. Giving in to fear for an artist, for any creative person, for any human being is death.
  A recent survey shows that children become less creative the older they get. No wonder that.
  This is what your reluctance to share yourself in public does with us all. This is the society we live in, and where we will remain, as long as not enough of us speak up.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nothing new under the sun - the Zionist century project (I)

  «Israel has the right to defend itself» - Barack Obama.
  Israel has the right to defend itself from those defending themselves against Israel?
  I don’t quite get that one…
  Obama has long since revealed himself as yet another mindless AIPAC shill and confirms it here.
  There have been no major developments since Israel’s last «incursion» into Gaza, its last major massacre there. Israel has merely continued its colonization, occupation and genocide. Gaza has been bombed often. The people there continue to suffer under one of the worst regimes the world has ever seen. Israel is still occupying Gaza, is still very much present there, even though they haven’t had ground forces stationed there for a while. On the West Bank and within Israeli borders Palestinians continue to suffer from that before mentioned beyond oppressive apartheid Zionist regime.
  The indifference of the world at large continues to grant Israel a carte blanche to do whatever it wants.
  The goal of Zionism, founded 1880 is pretty transparent. In 1880 there were 35 000 Jews living within Palestine. 60 years later, through mass migration under what was mostly British rule, that number had increased to almost 500 000 of a total population of 1.6 million. By then the Zionist terrorism had long since started. Through organizations like Stern and Irgun and the unofficial army Haganah the raids on the Palestinian population began. Entire cities and villages were destroyed, a «policy» that has continued to this day and with every Israeli government. In other words, this started long before Holocaust in Europe, the horrible event that has been used to justify the inhuman Zionist actions.
  The Zionists don’t want peace or coexistence with the Palestinians. They want them Gone.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Truly freedom-hungry people lost again

  Two eager servants of tyranny competed in the US presidential election. Much needed alternatives were rejected once again and all life on Earth is further endangered. Words like equality, freedom and justice are merely more empty phrases.
  Obama couldn’t sustain the excitement from four years ago in this election, for obvious reasons: he has been thoroughly exposed as just yet another establishment stooge.
  I believe firmly that most people voted against Romney, not for Obama. Obama couldn’t even beat an asshole like that soundly. In a world with a minimum of common sense Obama would have won with a landslide. There wouldn’t have been a Republican Party. In a world with a lot of common sense none of them would have been a contender. The Democratic Party would have been small and insignificant.
  And those not voting against Romney, but for Obama were fooled again by bullshit liberal rhetoric and deception. How much longer will they allow themselves to be fucked like this???
  Two parties or block of parties play tennis at any given election, anywhere today. Different players win, but the tennis court remains, and it’s that that got to go.
  The Right Wing Nut Jobs lie about Obama. Others attacking him don’t. Most negative things sane people say about the twice elected president are true, are unequivocal fact.
  As for the victory speech: you hardly hear more bullshit than this, not even in the United States, the foremost nation of bullshit speeches.
  It is somewhat satisfying that all those sick racists have to choke on their vomit some more, but that’s practically the only good thing about last night’s unfortunate event.
  Obama, and others like him, from any established party will never do anything about the true causes of the wrongs of society, never attack the foundation of the thoroughly unjust world, because he, himself is an integrated part of the power structure, the forces perpetuating those wrongs.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Potential Power of We

  This is my contribution to Blog Day 2012.

  Of course the people, the 99 percent have power, at least potentially. The extensive tyranny of modern society couldn't work without us. We can say NO at any time. It’s just that we, most of us choose to relinquish our power, our right and duty to freedom and happiness. We are fooled by relentless propaganda to believe we live in the best possible society and to reject true alternatives.
  Most people become mindless drones for the pervasive tyranny existing all over the world today. They become eager servants for those in charge, hardly ever questioning accepted truths, become hardly more than tape recorders doing nothing but dully repeating the words and actions of others, even fooled into working against their own interests.
  No one is more enslaved than those falsely convinced they are free. We see that a lot today, see it practically everywhere, in all countries. There is no place today where true freedom reigns, no place not dominated by illusion and effective propaganda.
  We see easily how democracy is the slickest tyranny in history, how it fools people into believing that voting in any given country gives them a voice.
  Established media always presents the establishment’s views. Take any major headline and subsequent article or broadcast today, take a look beyond your bias, and you will see how it serves those in charge, against us.
  When you cry for a criminal’s blood, you serve those in charge. The law is made by those in charge, to serve those in charge. Its purpose is to protect those who have, against those who haven’t. Property/wealth is theft. It is self-evident, really, at least it should be. If you fail to see that, you’re deluded beyond words.
  The masters lie to you, deceive you all the time, sometimes in very clever ways even lying by telling the truth or part of it, in order to suit their purpose.
  Their weapons are religion, politics, sponsored violence and regimentation. Disregard that and all truths you see as self-evident and you will begin to see the truth beyond the thick fog of illusion, everything clouding our mind today.
  And then, alone and by joining up with others like you, you have true power and will be willing and able to effect true change in the world.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to become a truly mobile human being (III of IV) - a steep slope called Death

  Once upon a time there was a steep slope I called Death, because I was/felt more than half dead before I was halfway to the top, even just doing normal walking. It went from sea level to two hundred meters above it. The few and short flat parts of it didn't give anything even remotely close to anything resembling a break long enough to deal with the steep, ongoing rise. It took me more than an hour, with several prolonged breaks to reach the top, and finally being able to «enjoy» what would probably have been a great view if I hadn't suffered from the itching sweat in my sore eyes.
  When I started with pushups, I could do three, to be kind. The truth is that I could hardly do one, could hardly push my body up from the floor in a technically correct way at all.
  And there are quite a few other examples of my lack of incentives to become a truly mobile human being. I sweat a lot and always will, no matter the shape. The trip through the forest, with lots of flies, mosquito, vipers and more turned even more unpleasant by the fact that I had to dry my eyes and forehead every tenth second or so. So I did the only sensible thing: I made myself a headband of old bed sheets (these days I buy my headbands, bands made of material absorbing humidity). That small thing was actually an important factor in my progress, encouraging me further to stumble through the forest with sore throat and burning lungs for months and years… until I, as stated increased my speed and muscle mass significantly, and my resting heart rate went far down.
  I procured good running shoes, a necessary act to prevent easy injury, as my activity level went way up, and I discovered the pleasures of running flat out on the highway and in the wilderness both.
  And Death became a challenge instead of an obstruction. The minor nuisances I mentioned didn't go away, but they became insignificant. Life itself became a joyful challenge and not a nuisance. I was able to do what I did because of the strength and willpower I hadn't realized I possessed. As stated, this isn't just about physical exercise, but about everything. I started running during my ascension of Death, initially at the fairly flat parts, and then, after a while of hardship at the merciless, steepest parts. Eventually I could ascend Death without becoming truly breathless at all, unless I kept pushing myself the same way I did everywhere, and pushed myself so hard that I had to crawl the last few meters to the top. And no matter, it didn't take me long to regain my breath, to catch myself and to keep going.
  It was an amazing, indescribable moment, only beaten my many similar moments of amazing progression in the months to come.
  When I was at my best I could ascend Death in fifteen minutes or less, of a more or less ongoing, perpetual run. And by then I had long since realized that sweating is healthy, that a human being is supposed to sweat, is supposed to feel the burning in the throat and the lungs and the legs and the arms.
  I did 150 pushups in intervals of three at the most and the only break I had from that was the same numbers of sit-ups or a variety of other types of exercise on the floor at home. Eventually I could sit on the floor and push my entire body up from it like an Olympic gymnast. Among a number of amazing developments that felt like one of the most amazing.
  And something I couldn't even imagine early in the process related here.


  When I could do this my claim is that everyone can. I started on such a low note. The first twenty years of my life, except for lots of swimming during the summer, what little summer there was in that area then I hardly moved around at all, until I finally (trumpets) discovered the joy of being a truly mobile human being.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Author’s word: At the End of the Rainbow

  This is the fourth book in the Janus Clan series. Even though only seconds have passed in the actual story from the third book, there is an almost twenty-year gap between the writing, from I ended Birds Flying in the Dark to the start of this one.
  It feels strange and pretty amazing.
  From 1986 to 2005 I wrote other books and did other things. As I've related elsewhere I saw no point in continuing on book four when no publisher would touch the first three. But the Janus Clan never left my thoughts. I kept writing the story in my head, like I do all stories, a story that I had first conceived of as a teenager doing a rather futile movie-project.
  In other words: this story waited thirty years to be written.
  All the original elements are there, fleshed out a bit, slightly altered, clearly matured, but basically the same tale I had envisioned.
  It is a journey, one across the United States and parts of South America, one I did in real life in 2002 and 2003, doing both further research and feeling alive beyond excitement and joy in the bargain. I made the journey because of the story. The story became even more what it was because of the journey.
  The Janus Clan is travelers, taking themselves across the Earth and the human mind, time and space of humanity.
  I walk in their footprints. They walk in mine.
  With this book we’re almost halfway through their story.
  I feel very good about this, indescribably good.
  This is my second longest novel (182 000 words). It was what was needed to tell the story in full. There will always be doubt whether or not it should have been even longer, especially the ending, but this is what I ended up with. I spent two years reading and rereading the novel after its completion, as I usually do before publication, taking my time as always.
  An established publisher and its «professional editor» would have asked me to trim it, of course, but I always end up with more than I started out with, not less.
  I'm also even more than usual pleased with the cover this time, as I'm obviously getting better in both photography and electronic darkroom tinkering.

  It’s the tenth book I am publishing in little more than two years and the last so far I've completed that is ready for publication. I will probably not release any new novels in 2013 and the next Janus Clan book is far off, unless I suddenly can afford that before-mentioned skilled and fast-typing personal secretary.
  Even so, the last two years still feel like a dream to me, in many ways and definitely like a dream come true, an ongoing celebration I can savor and enjoy beyond words.
  And my stories take time doing, inevitably. I know I might have a hard time completing all the books in the series in this lifetime, but I will do my very best.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The false Obama quandary

  It isn’t really a quandary at all.
  This is written as a response to the upcoming US-election, but is valid in all countries, a text four years in the making.
  Stay with me, I will do it step by step.
  The only somewhat valid argument to vote for Obama and the Democratic Party is if you see them as a lesser of two evils, and see the Republican Party as a vast evil that must be vanquished, as illustrated by this quote from Paul Krugman:

  «The Democrats may not be the party of your dreams, but Republicans are certainly the party of your nightmares».

  And he has a point. It is a very astute and not completely wrong reflection of the false quandary that one…
  I would say he is basically correct, in a limited way. The Democrats are bad, true, but they aren’t insane, aren’t a bunch of intolerant, ignorant assholes and zealots bent on making modern society even worse, even more horrible than it already is.
  But Krugman’s quote, seen in a larger, necessary context is certainly inherently wrong, based on one of the worst off-track assumptions alive today: namely that there are no alternatives.
  I have followed Obama from he declared his candidacy over four years ago and to this day. There was a certain freshness to him at first, or there seemed to be. His focus on change, even radical change certainly appealed to me, in spite of my grave misgivings about the entire political process as it is practiced today. When I heard him speak about change I interpreted that as far more than a mere rejection of the Bush years. Boy, was I wrong.
  His rhetoric was pretty common, the «greatness of America» and such shit, and the usual war drums. But I figured he had to speak like that to not distance himself from mainstream voters. He sounded honest, or at least like a liberal/progressive that truly meant what he said and wanted to go a step beyond the usual liberal trappings.
  I, a long time non-voter and green anarchist was at least partly fooled. This guy is slick and thereby twice dangerous to any true freedom-hungry human being. What he revealed himself to be after he became president was a typical mainstream neo-liberal, AIPAC-shill and almost moderate republican. He didn’t close Guantanamo, he keep repeating that he is a friend of Israel, he and the Democratic Party has voted for, kept, even instigated even more oppressive laws (NDAA, Patriot Act, and far more), the gap between rich and poor continues to widen, the US world-wide aggression, military and otherwise continues unabated. If the few things he has done that is fairly right is sufficient to satisfy those who are still his supporters, they don’t demand much. Anyone explaining away his actions or lack or thereof as a result of lacking support in Congress is closing their eyes to the evidence. Obama has (like Mitt Romney) ties to Monsanto, to Wall Street and has done little or nothing with the grave environmental destruction ravaging our world and all life on the planet. His administration has, in an attempt to silence the Occupy movement orchestrated an increase in police brutality across the nation to pale that of any other area. And so on. He isn’t even remotely close to fulfill his promise of true change, and that was never the intention either. If you believe that I have a piece of real estate in the desert (without oil) to sell you.
  He has, at least temporarily made the word «change» a fake word, just like he, himself is fake.
  And any president or elected leader of a given country is just a janitor, an administrator without true power taking orders from those truly in charge anyway.
  It is a good thing, a step in the right direction that there has been a black president (or one with one white and one black parent). The «critique» (harassment) from the political right is certainly based on the fact that racism is pretty much enshrined in United States’ society.
  But ultimately none of that matters, because the deeds of the man are what’s wrong and lacking, no matter the color of his skin.
  I don’t need to bore you with the details. They are obvious and undeniable. In a sane world Mitt Romney wouldn't have been a contender at all and Obama would have been without changes of winning.
  So, we’re back at the start: The Republican Party is an insane and eager force of support for the forces of tyranny ruling the United States and the world, the Democratic Party slightly less so. What to do?
  As stated, some people make a case of support for the lesser evil, for allowing the Democratic Party to exist and keep fucking up life even more because the Republican Party, if given free reign will go totally off the bend and ruin even more of what is still good about this world, and that motion isn't totally without merit.
  But ultimately flawed. At best it is passive voting/«action», acting against something, instead of in favor of something. At worst it is far worse. One can argue that the Republican Party is so bad that they must be stopped and marginalized (and they are and they must be), but one can make that case at every election. And people have, and so effective has that argument been that it has stopped any true debate of how to proceed, how to make humanity’s future. It’s a scare tactic, to be blunt, one basically made and supported by those in charge, by the forces behind both major parties, in order to quell true resistance and action, to strangle it in its inception.
  So, what are the alternatives? Certainly not Ron Paul and the libertarians. They are capitalists, accepting wealthy people and the market, and thereby the existence of powerful people exerting their undue influence over others. There is far more I could say about them, but again: their flaws are obvious. They don’t truly want to change society in dramatic ways either, and the changes they do want to make are mostly for the worse.
  The Green Party is pointing to itself, really, for many reasons, most of them obvious. It, by its very nature and conception is critical to the forces of industry ruining this world. Its members have a different focus, inevitably. The slogan «people before profit and property» sits well with them.
  Yes, I know, by my study of local state legislation and election rules that new and small parties have an even slimmer change of succeeding. Both the Repubs and the Dems have seen to that, in perfect union. But the struggle has to start at some point and we are all overdue for that to happen and for it to take off like a rocket. It should have happened at a distant yesterday.
  But as stated: I don’t believe in democracy. I am convinced it is the slickest tyranny in history because it gives people the illusion of participation, of being a part of the decision-making. Selecting new and even presumably good people and groups of people for government is ultimately useless without also changing the fundamental structures of society. No matter who wins the election and becomes president and majority party in the United States in November the empire will prevail, and before Jill Stein and the Green Party, or anyone is big enough to make the necessary sweeping changes they, too will be corrupted by the system, like Obama and countless other idealists and initial agents of change have been. I have written in detail about how that can befall even the strongest person, how he or she slowly becomes as bad as people they decades ago despised.
  So, the Green Party and others may work as an intermediary force towards a more enlightened society, but it isn't very likely, also when considering other green party’s history in other countries. If you absolutely feel compelled to vote, vote Green, but don’t be content with leaving it to them. Take part in the Change, be ready to move beyond them the moment you catch up with them, and leave the baggage of the past, the horrors of nationalism, religion, bias, conservatism, the market, ignorance and intolerance on the garbage heap where it belongs.
  United States is shit, like any other country in the world. If United States and every other state and power structure on the face of the Earth vanish like smoke, it is a very good thing.
  Many claim that you give your voice away by not voting, but I say it’s the other way around. Voting is apathy.
  Almost everything that has happened and been «discussed» during this campaign (like during virtually all campaigns) is more or less totally meaningless and irrelevant compared to humanity’s dire circumstances.
  Obama did fool me, not in the sense that I ever believed he was the right man, but by softening my resistance to tyranny’s propaganda, but fortunately even my minor delusion was only temporary. When people make excuses for the current janitor it reminds me very much of clever bookkeeping.
  What should happen is that people form truly autonomous communities all over the world, where they reject both central and local government and the market and all power structures anywhere and keep fighting back no matter how hard the forces ruling the world lean on them. That is the right way to go, a major first step towards a society with true freedom and equality, one where people can live and thrive and not be the puppets of anyone, one where people, by necessity and desire wouldn't destroy the foundation for their own survival and happiness.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The obvious horrors of traditional fiction

  Traditional Fantasy, from the grossly overrated Lord of the Rings and forward has been about the defense of the kingdom, the realm from the forces attacking it. It’s the unexciting good versus evil theme taken to the extreme. All those stories are clearly designed to serve the established order. They follow a formula that rarely is broken or deviated from.
  The genre, with its exclusion of mature and adult themes, of raunchy sex and explicit violence has been popular among children (and their parents), fucking them up and mind-wiping them at an early age, just like religion does.
  In recent years, though more and more writers do deviate from it and loud voices condemn them. Many are angry at Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, for instance, stating with absolute conviction that it isn’t «true fantasy», isn’t «family friendly».
  It’s pretty much the same with traditional fiction and writing and art in general. Crime stories focus on exposing the «criminal», the individual or group of individuals threatening the «good life». Horror stories usually focus on the «invader», the stranger menacing «good people». The vast majority of all art ever done is a more or less disguised defense of property, of established society and its power structures.
  The list is long and sordid.
  Fortunately there are those among us not buying such blatant propaganda and try to do better, a lot better.

  Censorship, disguised and overt is blatant today. Tyranny has always blamed radical and controversial art for everything that is wrong in the world, especially in times of unrest, a fairly successful tactic diverting people from the truth, fooling them into not blaming the true culprits.
  You say you don’t want political fiction? But you get that all the time, when you’re reading all those yawning stories about normalcy and an average life. That you fail completely in realizing that fact doesn’t make them less political, only very successful propaganda.
  Music, film, books and stuff, «entertainment» in general is designed to put you to sleep. Advertising isn’t only about selling a given product, but far more a particular high-consumer, mindless lifestyle.
  Why is the world filled with silly love songs? That one is easy: those in charge want it that way.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

George Orwell on Aragon

  «I had dropped more or less by chance into the only community of any size in Western Europe where political consciousness and disbelief in capitalism were more normal than their opposites. Up here in Aragon one was among tens of thousands of people, mainly though not entirely of working-class origin, all living at the same level and mingling on terms of equality. In theory it was perfect equality, and even in practice it was not far from it. There is a sense in which it would be true to say that one was experiencing a foretaste of Socialism, by which I mean that the prevailing mental atmosphere was that of Socialism. Many of the normal motives of civilized life--snobbishness, money-grubbing, fear of the boss, etc.--had simply ceased to exist. The ordinary class-division of society had disappeared to an extent that is almost unthinkable in the money-tainted air of England; there was no one there except the peasants and ourselves, and no one owned anyone else as his master».

  George Orwell describing a scene in Aragon during this time period in his book Homage to Catalonia.

  Anarchist Day

Sunday, September 16, 2012

For your own good

  «We’re watching out for you», they say to justify surveillance,
  What an utterly preposterous claim. How dare they???
  I’m afraid they “dare” a lot, since most people keep buying into their never-ending nonsense and deception wholesale.
  There is no defense for putting up surveillance cameras or surveillance - ever. The arguments for them are all tyranny propaganda. Buying into that is quite simply totally inexcusable and unacceptable.
   They tell you it is for preventing crime, terrorism and for helping traffic, and any other bad thing under the sun and the moon. Grow up Human Being and stop believing such thoroughly transparent deceit.
  That would be a great first step on your path to true independence and freedom at least.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Streets of London - Diary of a traveling man early September 2012

  I walked the streets of London. I’m walking them still.
  If I have a home, any home in today’s world, in civilization London is it.
  That is once again made obvious by the beyond pleasant wide range of emotions rising within me, the quiet joy filling me up. Small things make up a giant tapestry of immersion and birth.
  We came with the summer. People told us the weather had been lousy for months, but on our first day the sun and heat visited the city with a vengeance. It didn’t rain, not a single drop until we returned to the airport on the day of our departure.
  On Monday, on the first day of recreating myself I returned to the Pizza Hut restaurant where I had completed my masterclass poem «I shit my pants today». I made no fuss this time, but enjoyed a great, tasty pizza. We walked the broad road crossing Hyde Park, sat on a bench in the shadow and the burning sunshine. The heat sizzled in the air. We drank lots of water, but we and even our balls kept dehydrating. I had to pee, then I didn’t, then I did again, then I didn’t. Children screamed their lungs out in the silence.. A boy riding a bike crossed the white sand. I live deep and intense. I am sleeping. A horny dove is courting the females of the species, doing it loud just outside my window.
  Sometimes it takes a few days and nights for the London feeling to set. This time it did so after just a few hours.
  I have missed this!
  People whirl around me like wisps of wind. I chuckle happily among the moving shadows.
  One hour is far, far away and a day is an eternity.
  I returned to London after a 22 month absence and met with old and new kindred spirits. It is amazing how we speak each other’s mind and finish each other’s sentences, sharing excitement and grievances. My old kindred is still kindred, even after all those years since our youth.
  This is the life for me, living face to face with everything life has to offer.
  It was also encouraging to note how little influence the Olympic Games have left on the city as a whole. Except for a few flags and mementos here and there I hardly saw any signs of it at all.

  This in spite of the usual nationalistic bullshit I heard, some people telling me how proud they are to be British because of the Olympics, and repeating it like a chant and with empty eyes when I told them how much I loathe hearing such mindless drivel.

  I walked through Covent Garden and Soho late at night, hearing the clinking of glasses everywhere.

   - How are you today, sir? The clerk behind the counter asked me.
  The common and empty response would be: «Very well, thank you».
  I said that, but added, without thinking about it:
  - I feel absolutely great, it’s such a wonderful day»!
  And he knew, beyond knowing that I meant it from the deepest part of my heart.
  I watch and participate as countless empty tables are being filled.
  And then, in the book I’m reading, devouring, I see the poem (page 41) speaking to me across the ages:
  «To see a world in a grain of sand
  And a heaven in a wild flower
  Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
  And eternity in an hour»

  William Blake - Auguries of innocence
  An intense life is not for everyone and London is clearly… too much for some people, but I enjoy and thrive thrice over operating at an elevated level of existence. Inspiration keeps overwhelming a beyond stimulated mind.
  You forget, forget what joy, true joy is when you haven’t experienced it in a while. It’s never truly gone, but dormant, like your very self is when you don’t Live.
  No more lazy thoughts, I swear to myself, no more appeasing acts in my life.
  It’s Sunday already. The days and nights have passed like grains of sand in a dream.

Monday, September 10, 2012


  There are quite a few points here:
  First there is the very idea of an editor, why there is any at all. I ask the inevitable question how anyone can profess to understand the true depths of a given author’s mind and stories and texts.
  Second inevitable conclusion is that no one with the closed mindset of an editor can even approach the necessary imagination needed to interpret and “correct” a given story of text.
  Third is the fact that all the editors I’ve encountered, every single one has confirmed my bias… Granted I haven’t met all existing editors, but more than enough to be disgusted.
  I always say “huh”? after they have commented on a given work, mine or others. You get the very distinct impression that they haven’t actually read the work in question at all and certainly not even approaching a true understanding of it. Any “advice” given under such circumstances must be dead wrong.
  Fourth is that I can happily report that approximately ten people have read and commented on my works prior to publication and given truly constructive criticism and that I have made changes based on their input, doing so because it clearly felt right, because they had spotted something I had missed.
  They had no desire to make my work theirs or serve a mighty and rigid publishing industry, but genuinely wanted to help me improve mine.
  To me the very existence of editors anywhere is just plain wrong.
  Another funny thing about this is that books released by those established publishers have quite a few mistakes in them, including the glaring was/were mistakes and similar. Take any major publishing house and you will confirm that fact.
  When people say “professional editing” they mean approved and stamped by established publishers, While I, in big and small ways do my best to distance myself from that stale flavor.
  I’m ashamed on behalf of all those writers blindly following the credo of established publishers and society. They give us true independent writers a bad name.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wikileaks (II)

  To state the obvious, or what should be obvious: This isn’t only about Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks. It’s about all of us being victims of a beyond oppressive Machine, increasingly subjugating every single individual and strain of freedom on Earth. When the dog on a leash, United Kingdom and its master, the United States and the forces behind them both go after Julian Assange with a zeal beyond sanity, it’s merely one more step in their ongoing attempt at enslaving us all.
  This is no bull, no exaggeration, but an ever more evident fact of life in the twenty-first century.
  The case has, among many things yet again exposed the alliance between the liberals and the conservatives. This is nothing new. Warmongering liberals have always eagerly aligned themselves with the tyranny of the world.
  Many closed caskets have been ripped open recently and it’s a pleasure to behold.
  The established media as the establishment’s loyal dog is once more exposed and illustrated in full.
  I wasn’t sure, not hundred percent about Assange earlier, but now it should be clear to everybody that he was railroaded, was set up in Sweden so the United States could get their hands on him. The totally overblown reaction from the British government makes that more than clear. It does indeed make it obvious. The hypocrisy of the western democracies, of NATO and the forces behind them stand revealed for all the world to see. I don’t agree with his libertarian political view at all, but that is totally beside the point at this stage.
  One man, just a few people, such a tiny group and they make the world’s only hyperpower go totally bananas. It’s quite revealing. More than anything it reveals the mindset those in charge have, how they see any opposition to their rule.
  What is happening to Assange, Manning and several others in this case is an «excellent» reenactment of The Trial by Franz Kafka. The point with that story is that it is the process that is the punishment, not merely the final judgment.
  One man and a tiny group of men have managed to achieve a preliminary stalemate with the forces ruling the world. It is amazing and feels strangely encouraging actually. It isn’t exactly pleasant for Assange and certainly not for Manning and others already confined in hidden places. But if such a tiny group can do so much, what can all the rest of us do, alone and together?
  The threat to Assange persists, even if he should reach Ecuador. Organizations like CIA have a long history of kidnapping people and imprison them in dark holes around the world. We must all keep up the support and vigilance.
  And let’s not forget: many other victims of government harassment, intimidation, kidnapping and imprisonment don’t even have Assange’s advantage of fame and public scrutiny of their case. We should step up our vigilance a thousand-fold and make sure that those in charge lose their power forever.
  And Wikileaks should release all their documents, unconditionally.
  I don’t care if it hurts the US «war effort» or the United States in general. In fact I would be pleased if it did. Why shouldn’t we all do our best to hurt one of the most aggressive empires in history?

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Wolf

  «To celebrate wilderness was to celebrate the wolf; to want an end to wilderness and all it stood for was to want the wolf's head».

  Barry Lopez - Of Wolves and Men

Friday, August 24, 2012


  To state the obvious, or what should be obvious: Mainstream books, like mainstream anything are brainwashing you, putting you to sleep. Every line and between-line is confirming the establishment’s imposition on your impressionable mind. What you are basically reading when you purchase a book from established publishers is a sanitization of truth, a beyond narrow view of the world and mankind, reinforcing thoughts already put in your head a thousand times during your childhood and adolescence.
  My books or my anything don’t. It’s opening the mind to new possibilities, both frightening and exhilarating, frightening because they speak in a frank and direct and open manner about the horrors of the world, exhilarating because they speak the language of fire and shadow and unbound freedom.
  Some parts slam the doors of perception wide open, others do it in more subtle ways. While most books shimmer with loyalty to authority and tyranny mine are seething with rebellion and a mindset critical of any oppression and imposed reality. Those enjoying the books will enjoy them at least twice as much because of their depths, the deeper layers and subtext. I have always focused on the story and will keep doing that, but I always knew my passionate desire for true freedom and variety and equality and justice would show. I just didn’t know or realize to what fabulous extent. It’s an added pleasure every time I reread them.
  I love how practically every line or paragraph encourages subversive thought, how the story is filled with both philosophical debate and undiluted description of reality. When I started out long ago I set out to make my work different, radically different, in both form and content and not the least focus. I know, just by reading a given, random paragraph that I have succeeded as a writer and artist and human being, and it feels great beyond words.
  Yes, I know, no artist can ever be objective about his or her work, but screw that. This feels right, for me, beyond conviction and certainty. The stories have turned out to be exactly that force of savagery and Life I imagined and wanted them to become. I love what I do and know that I will always do it, for as long as I breathe and Live.