Monday, December 26, 2011

ShadowWalk - an alternative description

About my novel (alternative blurb):

Jill comes from far away to seek a new life for herself. So do Stacy, Tamara, Jason, Kieron, Travis and Loeh. They all do. There is a yearning inside them, one they have suffered since the cradle, a need to understand, to know.

This is a tale about a gathering of witches, not the fluffy bunny kind, but those grounded in reality, in the real world. Magick has been lost or misplaced or dormant for years without number. Religious zealots have burned and brutalized and killed witches for centuries, but there are still more left. Witches are like the dandelion. Remove as many as you can. They will never disappear from the face of the Earth.

These are modern people. This is the twenty-first century. The young women and men meeting kindred souls in the small New England town of Northfield don’t know what they are, even though they have their suspicions. They don’t know what is lurking below the surface of their dreams and yearnings.

But they find out. They realize startled and downright stunned what they truly are under the civilized shell. The realization is slow and sudden. By the turn on a road, by the brushing aside of a veil they learn the truth about themselves and the world. As boiling passions and the townspeople’s hatred and ignorance reach a critical point, their senses open to the vast and unknown existence beyond their previous paltry knowledge.

Many centuries have passed since the last time there was such an assembly of forces on Earth. This isn’t just a gathering of witches, but the gathering, one to surpass anything before it.

Witches open up closed caskets, revealing everything locked inside. Beware everyone with a closed mind.



Very intrigued. I'm going to see if I can find it where I normally purchase my books. Looking forward to reading this book

Amos Keppler said...

I'm confident you will be pleased and look forward to hear your thoughts about it, both pros and cons.

If they don't have it at your local store, it's easy getting it online.