Monday, December 12, 2011

A number of bad turns

Anything, anything we do within the confines of civilization requires a negative shift of consciousness, diminishing the great children of the wilderness we are.

Every time I return from that vast wilderness, in its countless variations is an inevitable, major downer.

The constant and overt destruction of the human spirit reveals itself in countless smaller and bigger ways, in a pervasive oppression and lack of freedom previously unheard of.

I’m happy that my shift is virtually the abyss it is, of course. That means I’m still very much a human being, not a creature aspiring to become yet another cog in the machine currently dominating human life.

Every invention beyond the spear the last ten thousand years has done humanity a grave disservice, removing us ever further from ourselves, lessening the quality of life, not in any way truly improving it, like civilization’s propaganda claims.

Yes, technological forums, the fake lion’s dens are the perfect spot to criticize the society created by advanced technology. Where else should we find the fake lion?

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Anonymous said...

I do hope the irony that without technology, namely computers and the internet, this post would be impossible is not lost on you. My point being that any blog post arguing against technology is, in itself, hypocritical. Add to that the tendency to drop in big claims, such as your opening sentence, without any attempt to justify them. Make the arguments, but argue them, just stating them will as 'truths' will convince no-one.

Amos Keppler said...

Didn't you read the post???

As stated, I already covered that. There is no irony. Arguing against advanced technology using advanced technology is perfectly legitimate. Of course it is.

Arguing that it isn't legitimate is completely ridiculous and an attempt at stifling debate.