Monday, November 28, 2011

Long overdue

I’m starting on my own, personal boycott of «family friendly» TV-shows and films and books. It’s long overdue. They are such an insult to people’s intelligence. I confess I’ve been lax here, at least when it comes to science fiction and fantasy stories on the small and big screen. There aren’t too many of those, and so I’ve reluctantly also watched those with an obviously retouched view on humanity, but now I’m fed up or rather over the top fed up.

After seven episodes of Terra Nova I couldn’t take it anymore, and don’t get me started on Star Wars and ET and the «Young Adult» genre and similar.

It’s a sick world, and concealing that reality from people through art makes it even sicker.

Some call that type of fantasy a much needed escape from life’s brutal realities. I call it a glorification of denial.

And then there are the religious connotations that certainly shouldn’t be forgotten. All natural acts are frowned at. People having sex and urges are either ignored or presented in a negative light.

«Highly moral people» like the christians and every single religion under the sun have attempted to ban, to censor reality for millennia. It’s about time we strike back.

Kill the dog.


Anonymous said...

So which shows are you boycotting and which are OK? I suspect that most of the former will be shit that we'd all be better off not watching. I might follow in your footsteps. I don't have a TV so only watch the occasional thing online, anyway.

Amos Keppler said...

It was the sci fi show Terra Nova that brought this on, but that was merely the final drop of many.

I also watch on the web. I got rid of my TV in January and have experienced a great influx of inspiration since then.

I currently enjoy Fringe and The Secret Circle. Flawed as they both are, they have something beyond the mundane.