Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy the world

Artists have begun expressing their support for the Occupy movement across the world. I’m more than happy to join them.

It’s time to take the world back, from those in charge, those oppressing us, those destroying the world and all life on it.

The true alternative movement never went away after its peak in the Sixties, but it did go into hibernation, even deep hibernation. Now, for the first time in decades, really, there are clear signs of it returning.

It began with the Arab Spring, in Tunisia in January, and spread from there, to the rest of the Arab world, to Europe and eventually the United States, and the Occupy movement in the US, in turn spread to the world, currently to a thousand cities and eighty countries. Wall Street is the United States royal castle, one symbol of the prevailing inequality and injustice. There are many all over the planet, and many of them are finally attacked.

The so called austerity measures were the final straw, a straw the masses of the Earth should have reached long ago, but better late than never. The illusion of the need for rich people has fallen, or at least it is falling. The ongoing deception in the war those in charge are waging against the rest of the population is exposed.

In the eighties social aware people spoke about the 1/8 society, a negative trend, also in western countries where wealth would be held by approximately 12.5 percent of the population. Now, in these even more fucked up times that number has fallen to one - 1 - percent. Human society has been a pyramid with the few at the top and the many at the bottom for a very long time, but is now taking a turn or ten from bad to worse.

We see again demonstrated beyond doubt how the police are the willing tools of the mighty. The ongoing brutality of the uniformed bullies should convince people once and for all that their very existence is plain wrong.

We see numerous examples of how the elite are taking steps to protect their vaunted position in society, in the pyramid, the pyramid of fear. The very existence of rich people is clearly a bad thing. They will use the power their wealth and position grant them, ruining the life of the rest of us, and the very life on the planet. We see that demonstrated every day, every second of the ongoing annus horriblis we live through. When there are rich, there will always be poor, and many poor, not just a few here and there, but billions.

Yes, there are signs that humanity as a whole is waking up from its slumber. It’s about time.

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wheatgerm said...

I don't know who we are really up against. The only way we can occupy is to start from the root. Occupy yourself not wall street because they will not change only you can