Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Conservatives are anti-freedom

Virtually every opinion they have shows that.

They support corporations and the power of money, which is clearly, obviously very oppressive.

They constantly attempt to keep people from having abortions and terrorize those who do.

They are mostly religious zealots, bent on making everybody worship their particular deity.

They defend murders, even genocide in the name of their deity or country.

They are mostly racists, with only contempt for cultures different from their own, serving eagerly the politics of hatred.

They defend eagerly capital punishment, even when the person to be executed is practically proven innocent. Troy Davies is one example of many here.

They support aggression and militarism and the police state. To them oppression is freedom.

They support Israel against the practically defenseless Palestinian people, support occupation, ethnic cleansing, oppression and genocide.

The list is long and sordid, really. This is just a taste of what they have to offer the world.

They are hypocrites and should have a foul taste in their mouth every time they speak about Freedom.



I agree with what you say

ree_cee said...

Spot on definition...