Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The prodding and encouragement of the human depths

I have exchanged thoughts and emails with a reader taking on my novel Your Own Fate recently, a thoroughly satisfying and encouraging experience.

It makes him think, he says, makes him ponder things he never even considered before. He admits with a grin on his face that reading the book is a learning process to him and suggests offhand that it should be a part of the curriculum at all school levels.

I admit willingly that this brings a huge smile to my face. It feels a bit surprising, though, since the inclusion of philosophical subjects and encouragement of thought and empowerment are obvious to me, an obvious inclusion in my stories. I just hadn’t consciously considered it, at least not in a while.

He says that other books he has read is like consuming overcooked French Fries and unhealthy grocery store items, while mine are a smorgasbord of independent thought and creativity.

And my smile widens to an uncanny degree. I fear I will get breadcrumbs in my ears.

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