Sunday, August 14, 2011

Messy detours

To add to my earlier thoughts concerning storytelling:

Life is disjointed, takes detours, is messy and chaotic, not very structured at all.

In other words: if you want to describe real life you should absolutely not follow the established rules of «good storytelling».

And that is only one of many reasons not to do so.

You should of course distance yourself as much as possible from what is accepted as good storytelling and the various rules and regulations of the established industry.

I do that, in big and small ways all the time.

I use the Times New Roman font, even though «all professionals use courier».

The first time I heard that rule ten years ago I spent the next ten minutes laughing. It was quite the pleasant experience, really.

Acts like that are good exercise, in order to better remove yourself from what is considered standards today.

After a while you basically ignore the imposed rules. The existing tyranny and its henchmen will keep attempting to pull you back into the fold, of course, but make an ongoing effort at ignoring them and get on with your art.

As I’ve written a lot about earlier: the established publishers and the entire system surrounding them are anathema to good storytelling and true creative freedom.

It should be rejected and ignored, like the garbage heap it is.

Whether you write stories, make music, films or some other form of art that should be your leading star, or at least one of them, not the false and destructive wisdom of what was and never should have been.

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