Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Living by the sword

They say that those living by the sword will die by the sword, and there is something to that, inevitably, since the chances of dying early are certainly increasing. I’m certainly not romanticizing anything here.

But those same people don’t say much about what will happen to people not living by the sword, not wielding a sharp blade when it’s called for, when it’s desperately needed.

Today, today, it’s desperately needed, not by the meek soldier, the eager puppet of tyranny, but by the true warrior, by those using any available and unavailable weapon or given method, by those hungering for freedom beyond words, beyond reason, by those eager to experience any tyranny crumble to dust, those burning by a desire to see the entire, irredeemable current human society be washed away, until only its ashes remain.

Passion, one almost consuming you, one mostly lacking in those seeking peace no matter the price, is burning in those living and dying by the sword…

Peace is for the grave, a pipe and wrong dream, and will only rarely touch the warrior in twilight.

Somewhere, somewhen a hand shaking in fire is picking up the bloodstained blade.


Owl said...

A very interesting post Amos,

I have been teaching swordsmanship for quite a while now and have noticed that the students who do best are people who have clear minds, unafraid and are willing to stand their ground (plus they are willing to learn from their mistakes and not allow the ego to get in the way). It is fair to say this shows in other aspects of their lives too, if only there were more like this.

Thanks again for another thought provoking blog post.

Amos Keppler said...

And thank you for your comment.

I have long since discovered that "the way of the sword", and training with one focus your mind and body enormously, also focus my art and writing.

You extend your reach with a sword, but only a little beyond your body. You become aware of yourself and your surroundings in a completely new way. It has very little to do with violence, really.