Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The current UK «riots» - the sheep fooled again

We see it every time there are protests. Established media spout the propaganda of the establishment and most people buy it hook, line and sinker, without hardly any effort at thinking at all.

The totally justified protests against poverty, oppression and inequality the tyrants and the tyrants’ tame dogs turn into a matter of riots and looting.

Reducing rebellion to thuggery is a tyranny's usual defense mechanism.

The true thugs are the police, of course. They are, have always been and will always be the tyrants’ eager and willing tools against people craving justice and equality.

If you want freedom to kill and maim people, without risk of being charged with anything become a cop. There have been 334 deaths in police custody in London since 1998, but not one conviction. The IPCC & the courts are protecting the police, not the people. That fact should be clear to everybody. Amazingly it isn't...

London is «my» city. I’ve visited many times and also lived there for years at the time. During a period of thirty years I’ve witnessed how social conditions, how poverty have grown from bad to worse to dismal. It was bad under Labour and has turned even worse under ConDems. All these political parties are an integrated part of the system and should certainly be abandoned in droves by justified dissatisfied voters.

But one thing is the various administrations, the government apparatus and the clubs the rich and the elite put up, another is all the people blindly supporting the establishment and its works. The tape recorders, as I call them, people mindlessly repeating the words and actions of others are almost worse. Counted among these are also many people calling themselves radicals. But they are clearly nothing more than more mindless sheep.

They serve tea to police officers, show up with brooms and support the insanity, the tailspin suicide run that is the modern society with every single piece of their brainwashed self.

Life isn’t being ruined by the «riots». Life has been ruined for a very long time and is ruined constantly and that is why we have the vast and great and wonderful protests, the emerging world wide Intifada.

People are frustrated, angry and enraged. The police killing one more human being in a long row is «only» the igniting spark, the trigger making it all go boom.

We live in a thoroughly unjust and unequal society. The establishment’s men and women have no desire to change that, of course. People must change it and the first step is to ignore the Law and Order and propaganda of that thoroughly unjust and unequal and oppressive society.

Tottenham Riots:- “The Language of the Unheard"

«Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king». - Bob Dylan

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