Thursday, August 18, 2011

Santa and his amazing helpers

Keppler short and shorter stories on the Web:

Santa on the prowl

Horny women for sale

Dried blood

She Who Dances in the Forest

3 minutes+


Death and The Maiden

Fire Burning in the Wind

The Hitchhiker in the Woods

For the first time gathered in one place. Read and enjoy, read and sweat.

Only the first story is about Santa, honest...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Living by the sword

They say that those living by the sword will die by the sword, and there is something to that, inevitably, since the chances of dying early are certainly increasing. I’m certainly not romanticizing anything here.

But those same people don’t say much about what will happen to people not living by the sword, not wielding a sharp blade when it’s called for, when it’s desperately needed.

Today, today, it’s desperately needed, not by the meek soldier, the eager puppet of tyranny, but by the true warrior, by those using any available and unavailable weapon or given method, by those hungering for freedom beyond words, beyond reason, by those eager to experience any tyranny crumble to dust, those burning by a desire to see the entire, irredeemable current human society be washed away, until only its ashes remain.

Passion, one almost consuming you, one mostly lacking in those seeking peace no matter the price, is burning in those living and dying by the sword…

Peace is for the grave, a pipe and wrong dream, and will only rarely touch the warrior in twilight.

Somewhere, somewhen a hand shaking in fire is picking up the bloodstained blade.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Messy detours

To add to my earlier thoughts concerning storytelling:

Life is disjointed, takes detours, is messy and chaotic, not very structured at all.

In other words: if you want to describe real life you should absolutely not follow the established rules of «good storytelling».

And that is only one of many reasons not to do so.

You should of course distance yourself as much as possible from what is accepted as good storytelling and the various rules and regulations of the established industry.

I do that, in big and small ways all the time.

I use the Times New Roman font, even though «all professionals use courier».

The first time I heard that rule ten years ago I spent the next ten minutes laughing. It was quite the pleasant experience, really.

Acts like that are good exercise, in order to better remove yourself from what is considered standards today.

After a while you basically ignore the imposed rules. The existing tyranny and its henchmen will keep attempting to pull you back into the fold, of course, but make an ongoing effort at ignoring them and get on with your art.

As I’ve written a lot about earlier: the established publishers and the entire system surrounding them are anathema to good storytelling and true creative freedom.

It should be rejected and ignored, like the garbage heap it is.

Whether you write stories, make music, films or some other form of art that should be your leading star, or at least one of them, not the false and destructive wisdom of what was and never should have been.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The current UK «riots» - the sheep fooled again

We see it every time there are protests. Established media spout the propaganda of the establishment and most people buy it hook, line and sinker, without hardly any effort at thinking at all.

The totally justified protests against poverty, oppression and inequality the tyrants and the tyrants’ tame dogs turn into a matter of riots and looting.

Reducing rebellion to thuggery is a tyranny's usual defense mechanism.

The true thugs are the police, of course. They are, have always been and will always be the tyrants’ eager and willing tools against people craving justice and equality.

If you want freedom to kill and maim people, without risk of being charged with anything become a cop. There have been 334 deaths in police custody in London since 1998, but not one conviction. The IPCC & the courts are protecting the police, not the people. That fact should be clear to everybody. Amazingly it isn't...

London is «my» city. I’ve visited many times and also lived there for years at the time. During a period of thirty years I’ve witnessed how social conditions, how poverty have grown from bad to worse to dismal. It was bad under Labour and has turned even worse under ConDems. All these political parties are an integrated part of the system and should certainly be abandoned in droves by justified dissatisfied voters.

But one thing is the various administrations, the government apparatus and the clubs the rich and the elite put up, another is all the people blindly supporting the establishment and its works. The tape recorders, as I call them, people mindlessly repeating the words and actions of others are almost worse. Counted among these are also many people calling themselves radicals. But they are clearly nothing more than more mindless sheep.

They serve tea to police officers, show up with brooms and support the insanity, the tailspin suicide run that is the modern society with every single piece of their brainwashed self.

Life isn’t being ruined by the «riots». Life has been ruined for a very long time and is ruined constantly and that is why we have the vast and great and wonderful protests, the emerging world wide Intifada.

People are frustrated, angry and enraged. The police killing one more human being in a long row is «only» the igniting spark, the trigger making it all go boom.

We live in a thoroughly unjust and unequal society. The establishment’s men and women have no desire to change that, of course. People must change it and the first step is to ignore the Law and Order and propaganda of that thoroughly unjust and unequal and oppressive society.

Tottenham Riots:- “The Language of the Unheard"

«Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king». - Bob Dylan

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Author’s word - ShadowWalk

«ShadowWalk is a powerful tale of magick and empowerment which manages not to sound like a mind-body-spirit-self-obsessed-hippie book. This is full-on reality. Blood and sweat and shit - nothing's toned down or dulled. The intensity of life comes through strong and meaty. Real life bursting off the pages».

Review in Green Anarchist (the original and best) No. 68/69 Summer 2003.

Trim the story, tighten the plot, that was usually what I was told to do by potential editors, and only when their response to my writing was somewhat coherent and made sense at all.

I disagreed, of course, and told them so, and they drew a blank. It seemed like they hadn’t even heard of vigorous storytelling, a sneaking suspicion that was indeed confirmed later. They just weren’t used to people disagreeing with them. They wanted all young, hopeful authors to stand there with the hat in their hands and beg for favors. I am and was fortunately made of different material.

ShadowWalk began, at least in part as a sort of excess product of what was discarded from my writing on Dreams Belong to the Night. At first I put everything that didn’t fit in Dreams there, but eventually it grew, branched out from there to encompass many directions and dynamics. I wrote the books practically simultaneously. SW was a story I didn’t choose, and that I initially didn’t see as terribly important compared to what I saw as the main story, but one that gained its own importance as I wrote it. Roughly stated, Dreams is about politics, while SW is about religion, and the upcoming, still to be completed Phoenix Green Earth is about both.

The completed story in Norwegian, what I out of old habit sent around to established publishers in 1993 and 1994 was about 200 000 words, and that was what they told me to trim and tighten.

I had really decided to abandon any contact with established publishers after their treatment of Dreams in 1991, but as stated, out of habit I decided to give them one more change…

It was yet another bust, yet another bad experience, yet another show of their completely fucked up priorities.

One said I should keep the first chapter and start over. This as one example of the quality of their «advice».

A few years later, in 1997, when I started translating SW I found that there was stuff there I wasn’t pleased with, but my take on it was quite different from the editors employed by the established publishers…

I translated, rewrote and expanded what I now see as the first draft, and ended up with a slightly different story, carefully, cautiously polished here and there, but still the same. I expanded it from 200 000 words to 300 000… and all the new strange twists and turns made it an even better tale.

The editors wanted me to trim it with fifty percent. I ended up expanding it with fifty percent, a very pleasing result.

Another great irony here is that this is one of my most edited books.

Here is one reader’s reaction that I can totally relate to:

«SW may break all the rules of novel writing, but it works.

And it makes sense if you aren't too brainwashed to understand and experience it. I never found it jumpy or disjointed. And I believe that it flows quite nicely and seems effortlessly elegant in the way it works.

When a stream flows around rocks in a very not straight line, we still find it beautiful. It will be full of back eddies and undercurrents and twist and turns. But it is still flowing. It is making sense within its own environment.

And just because it doesn't flow at one speed in one direction, you can't say that's wrong. What the stream does is right for the stream. What SW does is right for SW».

I didn’t set out to break all rules of storytelling, but realized quickly that was what I was doing, and once I did I set out to break them all the more. During the rewriting/translation/expansion I most certainly did. I followed one - 1- advice given me by the various editors and ignored/discarded the rest and removed myself and the story further from their vision (or lack of it), doing what felt natural and right.

It was really funny when I met one of them by chance several years later and told him about it. I could see that he wanted to murder me on the spot. No bull! These people, generally speaking are so set in their ways that they see any opposition to their sacred texts as an affront to their sanctity, and that is why authors should avoid them completely.

This is a story about witches written after I realized I was one myself, a fact making a considerable difference, of course. True witches are, inevitably Agents of Change, a threat to any establishment, any imposed reality. It’s about special people, about the paranormal and its place in a society denying its very existence.

Like many of my stories the events described are practically autobiographical. Almost everything has really happened, one way or another.

One more thing to note about SW and Dreams is the high number of females and/or people with a darker skin hue. I got sick and tired of the one female, one Asian/African-American/European quota in films/novels and decided to go completely overboard in order to distance myself from it.

It felt perfectly natural.

Oh, yeah, this is my least violent book, I guess, at least in terms of showing physical violence. There are no guns, except in the hands of not very present military personnel.

It’s just as controversial as the rest, though. A reader wondered why I left out homosexuality when it was so filled with other controversial issues. I replied that it was partly a coincidence and partly that I didn’t truly see homosexuality as a controversial issue, anyway, and then I asked him to read Dreams Belong to the Night when it was published in English. Well, man, it has been a fairly long wait, but now you can finally enjoy that one, too…

This is basically the same book that was first published as a paperback in 2003, with corrections and minor changes. There are only 446 pages, with smaller fonts to not make it too expensive.

It’s a book about young adults, but isn’t a Young Adult book…

Certainly not!

«Before I read ShadowWalk I thought the advertising was overblown to say it was "one of the most controversial novels ever written". Then I read it and found that to just be fact».

The book is for sale at Amazon and AmazonUK and Barnes & Noble and basically all over the world.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The prodding and encouragement of the human depths

I have exchanged thoughts and emails with a reader taking on my novel Your Own Fate recently, a thoroughly satisfying and encouraging experience.

It makes him think, he says, makes him ponder things he never even considered before. He admits with a grin on his face that reading the book is a learning process to him and suggests offhand that it should be a part of the curriculum at all school levels.

I admit willingly that this brings a huge smile to my face. It feels a bit surprising, though, since the inclusion of philosophical subjects and encouragement of thought and empowerment are obvious to me, an obvious inclusion in my stories. I just hadn’t consciously considered it, at least not in a while.

He says that other books he has read is like consuming overcooked French Fries and unhealthy grocery store items, while mine are a smorgasbord of independent thought and creativity.

And my smile widens to an uncanny degree. I fear I will get breadcrumbs in my ears.