Sunday, July 24, 2011

The conservative hate machine strikes again

I believe that people are ultimately responsible for their own actions.

That being said Anders Behring Breivik, the Oslo bomber and Ut√łya shooter, like Timothy McVeigh, Jared Lee Loughner and others are clearly a product of the conservative hate-machine, the Politics of Hatred.

The Norwegian «Progress Party» (and like minded parties and individuals all over the world), an extreme and popular right wing, anti-immigration racist party has hammered their hate against dark-skinned immigrants and asylum seekers the last thirty years. An ill wind blowing across Europe and the United States has taken a turn for the worse the last ten years.

They and others have used every single opportunity to spew their hate. Anders Behring Breivik, former member of the party was only a child when its members started their racist crusade against change and foreign cultures thirty years ago. During later elections they’ve reached more than twenty percent of the popular vote and they have been the third and even second biggest party in Norway for a long time.

Words, especially hateful words aren’t spoken in a vacuum. Words and also attitudes have consequences. When they are repeated on television and in established media virtually every single day and on websites dedicated to hate even more so.

Most other established parties also have what is very much a brown leaning. They have never properly rejected the conservative hate machine’s abysmal view on mankind. Oh, they have done so in words now and then, in party speeches, but they have pretty much adopted the racist’s policies on immigration, scared to death of what their more or less racist constituency might do.

So even if Breivik acted alone, he must share the blame with quite a few people. The sad and horrible fact was that over half of the Norwegian people shared the Progress Party’s view on immigration. Hopefully they will now reconsider and condemn them completely and openly in all possible ways and totally reject their beyond horrible «philosophy». All parts of the conservative hate machine, in all countries should be condemned and their views ridiculed and rejected.

It’s about time, way beyond time.

  Update 2016-07-22:

  Nothing much has happened, really. There has been little or no improvement. Some of the racists realized how despicable their opinions were and changed. Most of them didn't. The blatant hysterical racism flaring in the wake of the recent refugee crisis is just plain sick.
  Norway remains a racist society. The government is racist and conservative. Racist/xenophobic hysteria is growing, not dwindling.

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