Sunday, July 24, 2011

The conservative hate machine strikes again

I believe that people are ultimately responsible for their own actions.

That being said Anders Behring Breivik, the Oslo bomber and Ut√łya shooter, like Timothy McVeigh, Jared Lee Loughner and others are clearly a product of the conservative hate-machine, the Politics of Hatred.

The Norwegian «Progress Party» (and like minded parties and individuals all over the world), an extreme and popular right wing, anti-immigration racist party has hammered their hate against dark-skinned immigrants and asylum seekers the last thirty years. An ill wind blowing across Europe and the United States has taken a turn for the worse the last ten years.

They and others have used every single opportunity to spew their hate. Anders Behring Breivik, former member of the party was only a child when its members started their racist crusade against change and foreign cultures thirty years ago. During later elections they’ve reached more than twenty percent of the popular vote and they have been the third and even second biggest party in Norway for a long time.

Words, especially hateful words aren’t spoken in a vacuum. Words and also attitudes have consequences. When they are repeated on television and in established media virtually every single day and on websites dedicated to hate even more so.

Most other established parties also have what is very much a brown leaning. They have never properly rejected the conservative hate machine’s abysmal view on mankind. Oh, they have done so in words now and then, in party speeches, but they have pretty much adopted the racist’s policies on immigration, scared to death of what their more or less racist constituency might do.

So even if Breivik acted alone, he must share the blame with quite a few people. The sad and horrible fact was that over half of the Norwegian people shared the Progress Party’s view on immigration. Hopefully they will now reconsider and condemn them completely and openly in all possible ways and totally reject their beyond horrible «philosophy». All parts of the conservative hate machine, in all countries should be condemned and their views ridiculed and rejected.

It’s about time, way beyond time.

  Update 2016-07-22:

  Nothing much has happened, really. There has been little or no improvement. Some of the racists realized how despicable their opinions were and changed. Most of them didn't. The blatant hysterical racism flaring in the wake of the recent refugee crisis is just plain sick.
  Norway remains a racist society. The government is racist and conservative. Racist/xenophobic hysteria is growing, not dwindling.

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Horny women for sale

The man stands outside the public marriage office and holds up a poster. A text is inscribed on it with large, black letters:


People glare at him as they pass by, as they walk into the judge’s office in their wedding dress and suit. They stare at him with condemning eyes, but he ignores them and stares indifferent straight ahead.

- What is your PROBLEM? A man in a suit shouts.

The man holding the poster doesn’t react in any visible way. The bride grabs her husband to be and whisper calming words in his ears. They both move on. Most people hurry on with flickering eyes.

The following Sunday there is another wedding in the local church. The man in question stands outside with the same revealing poster in his hands. The letters and the poster itself have obviously been through a somewhat rough treatment. The man’s face isn’t exactly untouched either.

The church bells toll. The man waves his poster. One of the late wedding guests, a gusset of a man goes for the man fond of posters and hammers him brutally. Blood and teeth jump everywhere as the poor man is struck repeatedly and also kicked after he falls to the ground. The poster is smashed to pieces.

The wedding ceremony is done. People depart the church in a good mood. The man stands there on shaky legs, holding the repaired poster in shaking hands. The big, black letters are still very much visible. The bride stares at him with haunted eyes. She throws away the flowers in her hands before she hurries into the waiting car. She and the groom drive away in a dust cloud and accompanied by the clatter of empty soup cans.

The next wedding starts half an hour later. The man with the poster is still there. He has a large bandage around his head. There is blood on it. People glare at him with murder on their mind. He stands there smiling and laughing, as if he’s having a conversation with someone. Two men glance at each other, nod and approach the man with a very decisive expression painted on their faces. They grab him, lift him up and carry him off, all the way to the gate down the road. They throw him on the ground, brushing themselves and rejoin the happy event.

Everybody goes inside and lock the door behind them. The wedding commences and the wedding march is played. Everyone smiles and laughs. The mood visibly improves.

The music stops. The bride and groom stand before the priest and he’s about to begin his deed.

A loud applause from the gallery interrupts the proceedings. Everybody stares incredulous at the man with the poster. He shouts with his loud, forceful voice.


The gathering moves like one being. With the priest spearheading the assault they charge upstairs and attack the unruly visitor. They drag him back down and out in the yard.

- Find a rope, a woman shouts. – FIND A SOLID ROPE!

They drag the man to an old tree, throw the rope over a thick branch and tighten a loop around the man’s neck.

- God have mercy with you, the priest says unctuously. – I can’t.

The man’s face is so bruised that it’s just a singular mass, without distinct features. The priest nods and everybody present pulls the rope. The man is strung up. His legs wiggle, wiggle a lot and for a long time. There doesn’t seem to be an end to wiggling. People eventually glance anxiously at the priest.

- Stay on course, he admonishes his flock. – Have faith.

People have trouble breathing and turn blue in the face, but hold on to the rope.

Something snaps and the legs finally stop moving. The stubborn unwelcome visitor hangs still. Cheers rise from the church choir.

- We have a wedding to complete, the priest grins wickedly. – Let neither God nor Satan keep us from our sacred duty.

They return to the church. The ceremony continues. The wedding march is repeated and the priest declares that the man and the woman are joined in holy matrimony, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

- You may kiss the bride, he tells the hesitant groom.

The man and the woman embrace and kiss wild and uninhibited. He tears off her dress and when she stands nude before him he throws her on the altar and fucks her mind out. She howls in joy and mindless lust.

After having fucked her at least five times he carries her to the car and they drive off on whining tires, accompanied by the clatter of empty soup cans.

The next wedding is at the peace officer office the next day. There is a relieved mood all over town. People smile and laugh. The good mood has returned after a hard time. The wedding procession moves up the stairs in a light haze, laughing and smiling.

The sound of the accordion makes them frown. Several of those present at yesterday’s happy wedding frown deeper.

There, waiting at the top of the stairs is the man with the poster, a new and shiny poster. He’s singing and laughing with a wide and sick grin, and a loud and clear voice.


The members of the assembly glance at each other with weary eyes. The future looks very bleak indeed.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Thy true will

Do thy true will, not the one imposed on you, but the one growing from your center. Find your center and you find your true desires, find everything important.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Out there

On the night they threw Henry David Thoreau in jail for civil disobedience, a friend came to see him, saying:

- Henry, what are you doing in here?

Thoreau said:

- No, the question is, what are you doing out there?