Thursday, June 02, 2011

One year

Yesterday I paid the $10 for the second year for The Defenseless’ presence in the Lightning Source’ digital library and then it struck me. It has now been about a year since I started my new publishing initiative in earnest.

The year has been so satisfying in so many ways. I’ve finally found an outlet for thoughts and desires grinding through my head and self for decades, a method of presenting it all to the world, to humanity at large.

The Lighting Source digital catalogue makes my books available all over the world, to anyone who would want to sell or buy them. Ten books are $100 a year. It is almost too good to be true, but it is true. During 365 nights I haven’t found any major wrongs with this setup, and I am always looking for such babies by default.

There are frustrations, too, both inside and outside the world of publishing, and there will always be, I guess, but they are less, now.

I’ve learned so much, and keep learning. It seems like each new twilight brings new insight and skills these nights. My life has been like that for at least twenty-five years, but now that effect has multiplied even further.

It’s also very satisfying to me that I’ve been able to do it with small means, means I quickly regained by selling quite a few copies anyway. I had expected and actually been somewhat comfortable with the thought that I would need to lose quite a lot of money to do this, but I discovered to my joy that there was no need for that. I’ve even earned money on it, more than enough to keep publishing. Win win, which it was from the start anyway, so win win win would be a better description.

I’ve earned several new internet stalkers this year, a fact I’m quite pleased with. Two of them claim to be employed by established publishers. They have provided great exercise for future dealings with the establishment of publishing. Because this tiny ripple in the pond of vicious attacks is just a firecracker compared to the atom bomb if I should ever become a better known, infamous writer and artist, as I keep telling the world what a bunch of worthless assholes established publishers are.

I can honestly say I would have kept writing, no matter what, since Storyteller is something I am, not something I do. I would have done it, even if I had never been able to publish my stories, but now I am.

It feels great celebrating this with the release of the Hardcover version of Dreams Belong to the Night.

Amos Keppler has had a good year.

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