Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The magnificent seven

I and hundreds of Norwegians volunteered to travel with the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. Two main reasons made us unable to send more than seven.

One was financial and the other was the fact that the israeli government has used and use every single method in and out of the book, short of open assassination to stop the ships from sailing, which in turn makes those financial difficulties even more pronounced. Intimidation and sabotage against individuals, the various Ship to Gaza groups and by the aid of their thug, their tame dog the United States a massive pressure against Greek and other governments in their pockets and under their thumb, like the Norwegian and most Western nations show the importance Israel place on this, on upholding their Hasbara, their propaganda.

So, we had to settle for seven to join the 350 from all over the world. We drew straws for the remaining seats.

I was disappointed when I was told I couldn’t go, but I quickly shook it off, since this isn’t about me.

All of us travel with the seven, the 350. We all agree that just the fact that the Flotilla is sailing is a victory in itself. It’s a win/win situation. Either the Flotilla will reach Gaza, which will be great beyond words, or israeli troops will attack again, and once more be revealed as the thugs and tyrants they are. That, too, will be «good», in a backwards sort of way.

We are all worried about those onboard the ships. We know that Israeli forces are capable of anything, because they know that they will practically get away with anything. At least that’s how it has been so far. This is a long struggle and we might just be at its beginning, or at least be fairly far from its end.

Israel seems to hold all the cards, military, financial and the blind support of important governments.

Gaza and Palestine and we activists have «only» each other. For sixty years the various Israeli administration have been allowed to do just about anything, been allowed to go from bad to worse in their warfare against children and the what is basically a «helpless» population.

No more! We speak for ourselves and we shout enough to what is still a more or less indifferent world population.

The slow, painful genocide of the Palestinian people reflects poorly on us all.

There has been one Freedom Flotilla. The second is about to sail. Let’s be prepared to send hundreds or thousands, whatever it takes to Free Gaza and Palestine and free ourselves from the shame and horror the forces behind the Israeli government have brought on all mankind.

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