Friday, June 17, 2011

The joy of rebellion

Rebellion is always valuable, even in the best of societies, to keep everybody sharp. It should be alive and present against anything smacking of being an imposed reality.

Today, in a totally fucked up world, where tyranny is virtually anywhere it is crucial, beyond necessary. There is no country on Earth today where freedom reigns, but only tiny pockets of it here and there, and in people’s dreams and longings.

Many tell me that rebellion isn’t for them. It’s too much hassle, the risks are too great and it’s very disruptive to a somewhat orderly existence. My response is this:

Yes, there are risks, but what is life without risks? Those never taking risks aren’t really doing anything and have never truly lived. The biggest risk of all, in my eyes is to never take a risk at all. And what is so great with an orderly existence? Are life mere drawers to put your little bits and pieces in?

What I most of all do my utmost to convey to them is how great it feels to stand up for yourself as a human being, to release yourself from the shackles keeping everybody accepting the prevalent and enduring tyranny down in their private gutter, how it feels to feel the blood boil in your veins. Average people live only half lives and hardly even that. The sad truth is that we today, in all countries have a choice between insanity & less insanity, while life on Earth is fading. I believe in confrontation, in a confrontational approach to life. Accepting what you detest isn’t compromise but appeasement.

There is that, the sheer necessity of it all, and then, as stated there is the pure pleasure of feeling yourself waking up from a walking nightmare, to make yourself aware, to pull your spirit from its murky depths, to discover what it means to be human.

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