Saturday, June 11, 2011

An amazing feat - Provocation (II)

I find it amazing that I’ve managed to get and hold on to over 2000 followers on Twitter. As I’ve pointed out earlier I will sooner or later piss off (almost) everybody without even trying. I don’t need to do anything but to express my opinions. Since I detest virtually everything about the current human society very few will agree with me in any given case, and if you combine my views on various issues there will be even fewer agreeing with me, of course.

The cumulative effect of that, if you ponder it is quite staggering.

Some may agree with me on my strong environmental stance, but be very set against my anti-Zionist and Pro-Palestinian view, or the other way around. One environmental activist may be set against Big Oil, while another, for some incredible reason may support Big Nuclear.

I’m firmly set against both.

I’m a militant atheist and anti-religious, but contrary to many atheists and anti-religious I am also a pagan witch and shaman and very much certain, by experience and conviction that the paranormal presence in the Universe is proven, proven scientifically beyond doubt.

And so it goes. I could have gone on for quite a while. My radicalism reveals itself in all areas because it reveals itself holistically, in the big picture. I don’t pick and choose from present day human society, but reject all of it, even though I may engage in the smaller truth as well, now and then. There is way too little protest in this tailspin suicide run of insane priorities we find ourselves. My dominant view on society and mankind and life on Earth in general is inherently controversial.

I believe in confrontation, in a confrontational approach to life. Accepting what you detest isn’t compromise but appeasement.

Not all 2000 pay attention, of course. Those doing that regularly evidently appreciate me for who I am and even share some of my views, or/and main outlook.

And then those not paying attention suddenly do, drawn in by a specific case or by coincidence, and then it’s often goodbye @HoodedMan…

Again: I don’t have to provoke deliberately. My very existence and I expressing my views do that, a fact making me very proud. Most people today, once anyone moves beyond their comfort zone are easily provoked.

Today’s society is a very bad place, with very few redeeming qualities, with none if you look at the big picture, and I believe strongly that we should all do that. A more or less dormant population should be rocked to their core. I do that, do that at every turn, by my very nature and most fundamental convictions. Some people grow more conservative, more set in their mold as they grow older. I continue to reach out and seek what is misplaced, fighting to reawaken pieces of humanity’s lost «treasures». During discussions and even casual conversation with most people I’m reminded of the deep philosophical differences between them and myself. What is important to them isn’t important to me and the other way around. Name any major building block of civilization and I want it gone. Mention many components in almost forgotten human life you want gone and I will savor and cherish it.

This is no whim, no result of casual thought. I'm very confident in my position. It's one I've reached after many years of contemplation and seeking alternative thinking and action, something I will continue to do for as long as I draw breath. Being arrested for participating in an illegal protest will be a great way to celebrate my 90th birthday. Rebellion is necessary, but also very satisfying on many levels, filled with joy and many a great moment as it is.

So, for all these reasons and more I appreciate those not being put off, including those hardly sharing my views at all, but that still accept me and value my input. It’s a great thing that humanity is so diverse, so vastly different from each other. We should be far more so. My favorite, currently non-existing society isn’t one where everybody shares my views, but one where everybody is truly independent and fairly self confident and living without the kind of fear eating us up from inside, one that encourages diversity and not does everything in its power to strangle it at its inception.

Fire boils inside me, fueling everything worth burning for.


Anonymous said...

I admire your energy, Amos! Keep up the in-your-face strength that makes you so unique. Regards, Elizabeth

Louise Broadbent said...

OMG you probably have different opinions to me. You are pure evil and must be stopped.

Amos Keppler said...

You added to a great morning. Thank you both :)