Thursday, April 07, 2011

J. Allen Hynek: UFO - A documentation (I)

J. Allen Hynek (1910 - 1986) was professor in astronomy and worked with the US air force Blue Book Project and its predecessors for twenty years. He started out, to say the least as a «UFO - skeptic» and ended up being totally convinced not only of the fact that alien intelligences are visiting us regularly, but also that there are undeniable evidence for such activity.

The following, describing the start of his work for the air force is from his book The UFO Experience (Contemporary Books 1972 ISBN-10: 0809291304):

«Before I began my association with the air force I had joined my scientific colleagues in many a hearty guffaw at the «psychological postwar craze» for flying saucers that seemed to be sweeping the country and at the naiveté and gullibility of our fellow human beings who were taken in by such obvious «nonsense». It was thus almost in a sense of sport that I accepted the invitation to have a look at the flying saucer reports – they were called flying saucers then. I also had a feeling that I might be doing a service by helping to clear away «non-science». After all, wasn’t this a golden opportunity to demonstrate to the public how the scientific method works, how the application of the impersonal and unbiased logic of the scientific method, (I conveniently forgot my own bias for a moment) could be used to show that the flying saucers were figments of the imagination? Although many of my colleagues at the university looked askance at my association with such «unscientific» activity, I felt secure. I had ample «files protection»; as an astronomer I had been invited to examine the subject.»

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