Friday, April 29, 2011

William & Kate, Royal Wedding, Westminster Abbey & Buckingham Palace and all that

Do I envy William & Kate? Certainly not! I think they and what they represent are an aberration, a horror to everything & everyone great.

Fine, you may ask, if you haven’t thought it through, «it’s just a wedding», why not let it be with that, make a hopeless attempt at ignoring it and move on?

Because I don’t think it should be ignored. I believe firmly that it, like everything horribly wrong in the current society should be confronted at any turn, at any opportunity.

The «wedding» is a celebration of the hierarchy, of the vast injustice and inequality dominating our world today. It’s a confirmation of the church and religion’s dominance, of nationalism, of the shallow, superficial state of modern society. Criticizing the media circus is meaningless without going deeper into the underlying motives for all this.

Would you know more?

You should!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poet's Word - Amos Keppler: Complete Poems 1989 - 2003

This is a time machine for me, reaching back into the muddled and not so muddled past, revealing once again the truths of many a bright, a dark, powerful moment, one filled with mist and Shadow.

Poetry is yet another thing I practically stumbled over to realize how crucial it was to my life, to me constantly being born. One component was that I saw the movie Dead Poet’s Society, which obviously had an enormous impact on me and my creativity.

Except for one notable poem in High School, Reason (lost in time) I didn’t write poems, but with the film something clicked within. A novel takes years to complete. The immediate of the creative process can never be properly maintained in a novel, but is drowning in the inevitable slow burning process. A poem might take ten minutes to complete. It’s a different angle, a different skill and discipline.

Then I met an old school buddy (more like an acquaintance, really) at a reunion party. He was a member of a rock band and after hearing me read my poems, he wanted me to write a piece of lyrics to them. I wrote it, but he never got back to me, and coincidence and my thoughts and yearnings took yet another strange turn. I met a guitar player, and we started working with songs and music. I hadn’t really played much, but our collaboration led me to purchase a keyboard and inflame yet another unrealized passion of mine. The Oliver Stone movie The Doors made those two passions one, and also joined it with my radical political beliefs. It felt like fate.

Some say lyrics can’t and shouldn’t be poems and that poems shouldn’t be lyrics, but I disagree with that, like I disagree with virtually every single established voice on anything.

So, I wrote lyrics and poems and music, adding that to my already numerous other storytelling capabilities. I cried out the verses during my street theater performance all over Europe.

I’m a so called «stunt poet». That means I can create verses on the spot, in the burst of the inspired moment. Many have come to life that way.

All complete collections are in this volume. I plan on publishing next volume, Secrets late 2015. I will do it if I feel it’s done. That’s also how I’ve done it so far. When no more poems fit into a given collection they were complete in my eyes.

I could have published the single volumes individually first, before the Big Collection, but except for the Aleister Crowley illustrated leaflet, it never felt right.

Rhyming? I’ve done a few like that, just to actually do it, but have mostly left it alone.

My poems don’t fit labels any more than anything else I do.

Oh, yeah, I wrote about experiencing an LSD-high before I actually tried it. Once I tried it I could confirm to myself that my preconceived description was very accurate, and my creativity exploded yet again. If I hadn’t been a poet before that great night of April 2, 1992, I certainly became one then.

But I was, I always was. I just didn’t know it. The awareness of the fact quite simply eluded me for a time.

The fact is that I was almost 30 years old before I got serious as a writer of poetry.

Some of the poems are descriptions of my novels, either before, during or after they were written. Some, like Ragnarok and Caravan were in itself major inspirations and roadmaps for Thunder Road: ice and fire.

I see my first poems as somewhat crude today, even though I still appreciate them, exactly because of that, because they are me, the poet in its initial, primitive state. I guess you can say that the texts become more poems the later they are written.

Or not.

No matter, except for a poem first written in Norwegian, one I consider to be totally untranslatable, and that before mentioned High School poem, they’re all here, fourteen years of poetry, a lifetime, many lifetimes of the ant contemplating the Universe, of the Universe contemplating the ant.

Like almost everything I do they are stories of the world as it is, as I see it and the world as I want it to become.

The book is for sale at Amazon and AmazonUK and Barnes & Noble and basically all over the world.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sites supplementing the books

My websites add spice and additional content to my printed stories. The bonus material to Your Own Fate, for instance is vast.
These are the updated and/or new pages I’ve done to supplement the TWO books I’m publishing Saturday:

Complete Poems main page

Complete Poems cover

Birds Flying in the Dark

The Janus Clan

Firewind (with a major update of my movie script The Hidden World, among other things)

Night on Earth

More to come, of course. My web-additions are useful for my readers, as an in-depth study of what you've read and a help for those that may want to read my work, of course.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

J. Allen Hynek: UFO - A documentation (I)

J. Allen Hynek (1910 - 1986) was professor in astronomy and worked with the US air force Blue Book Project and its predecessors for twenty years. He started out, to say the least as a «UFO - skeptic» and ended up being totally convinced not only of the fact that alien intelligences are visiting us regularly, but also that there are undeniable evidence for such activity.

The following, describing the start of his work for the air force is from his book The UFO Experience (Contemporary Books 1972 ISBN-10: 0809291304):

«Before I began my association with the air force I had joined my scientific colleagues in many a hearty guffaw at the «psychological postwar craze» for flying saucers that seemed to be sweeping the country and at the naiveté and gullibility of our fellow human beings who were taken in by such obvious «nonsense». It was thus almost in a sense of sport that I accepted the invitation to have a look at the flying saucer reports – they were called flying saucers then. I also had a feeling that I might be doing a service by helping to clear away «non-science». After all, wasn’t this a golden opportunity to demonstrate to the public how the scientific method works, how the application of the impersonal and unbiased logic of the scientific method, (I conveniently forgot my own bias for a moment) could be used to show that the flying saucers were figments of the imagination? Although many of my colleagues at the university looked askance at my association with such «unscientific» activity, I felt secure. I had ample «files protection»; as an astronomer I had been invited to examine the subject.»

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Poker in my novels

Poker is fairly important in some of my novels. It makes sense, really, to include it, to use it, since I’ve played since I was eight years’ old and professionally and semiprofessionally most of my adult life.

When Mike and Ted, the estranged brothers duke it out in The Defenseless the initial sparring is a poker game. The game, with the introduction of The Gambler, both of them is also very much present in later books in the Janus Clan series. They are playing the odds these people, are players, measuring opponents like they would around the tables.

In Your Own Fate Jeremy Zahn meets his opposite number, Timothy Joyce over the poker table, and the game is also used to illustrate Zahn’s growth as the story progresses. A more than memorable and insane game plays itself out in a dump of a casino in Calcutta (Kolcata), India.

Some players claim that it is life itself playing itself out around the poker tables. I don’t really agree with that, but the game has always fascinated me, also because it is a kind of counterpoint, juxtaposing to my radical (beyond radical political views). I enjoy the game. I see beyond the table, into people’s hearts, and everybody is staring at the card of destiny and probability as it is flipped around, revealing the brutal reality hidden beyond its innocent appearance.

Poker isn’t chess, isn’t limited to a square board on a table. Thousands, perhaps millions of variables of coincidences and decisions are played out in every game, and millions of games are played every night, all over the globe, just like there are stars in the sky.

Poker isn’t a game of chance, but of disposition, bluff, counterbluff, risk and gambits. The future isn’t a lottery and not predetermined events, but something in-between and beyond both.

Yes, it isn’t strange that poker plays a fairly important part in my stories.