Friday, February 18, 2011

True Artistic Freedom - Making movies

What goes on in the music «business», the book publishing «business» and the current art world in general also applies to filmmaking. Everything costs less. A film can be made for practically nothing and the old distribution channels that the established production companies dominated are breaking down, being supplanted by the new and exciting and independent ways. The internet is a direct line between the truly independent filmmaker and the audience. Even though the process is slower than with books and music it is clear that also here agents, theaters and the established production companies are becoming redundant.

This is great news for us considering ourselves auteurs, or who’s aspiring somewhat to that somewhat lofty term. An auteur is someone that is participating in the making of art from start to finish, in moviemaking from conception, the writing of the script, the shooting, editing and launching. That as a process has certainly always appealed to me, for many reasons, the biggest being independence, creative and otherwise.

The present is an auteur’s wet dream. You can make movies for nickels and dimes, for the price of bus tickets and catering. You need only a camera and a computer, and nothing else, both so inexpensive that most people can afford it or choose to afford it. One single human being can make a film, either a documentary or an (un)traditional made up story. I will certainly do that.

People in the established part of filmmaking would claim that it is a collaborative effort, but even though that might be true for most films made today, it isn’t a Universal truth. A big production will always need lots of participants, but some directors, even during today’s dominating horrible system are still able to make it their films, put their unique mark on it. David Lynch, making Inland Empire certainly made that one totally in accordance with his vision, and his alone.

Fortunately for me I’m also enjoying the support and collaboration of a group of musicians, actors, photographers and artists. We will be participating in each other’s projects and make great art together.

Money isn’t really an issue here. Neither is censorship. We will focus on making the films and then show them on the Internet. If that will result in money coming our way, it will be a bonus, not a requirement. This is also clearly an advantage. We will make the films totally without commercial considerations. There will be no censorship, either imposed or self-imposed. We will make the films exactly like we want them to be, with no outward interference allowed or desired. If the writer/director/auteur wants to talk to the producer, he or she may just take a look in the mirror without a care in the world, and have great fun in the bargain. We won’t have to consider how many theaters will show them, since we have no interest in showing them in theaters, in places dominated by monetary or «moral» concerns.

This is how art, all art, all books, music, paintings, sculptures, films and everything should be made, of course. The commercial production and distribution network has ruined art for way too long. This is a fact. If great art occasionally has passed through that system it has become so in spite of, not because of it. Let the old ways die, let it keep rotting on the vine like it has for so long.

The future is now!

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