Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is my take on the big question, one of the biggest questions possible, I guess, my life-long experiences and studies of it:

There is no God, are no gods, faeries, angels, demons or «higher beings» whatsoever, but there is an afterlife, or rather a middle life, lots of them, actually, what’s commonly referred to as reincarnation, without its religious trappings.

I guess I have a no-nonsense approach to this, like I have to everything that is currently perceived as paranormal and life itself perhaps.

First of all I’m not and will probably never be one hundred percent certain about this, not as long as my heart keeps beating. My experiences, and those of millions of others, may be hallucinations or fever dreams, projection or otherwise imagined, in spite of countless both empiric and purely scientific evidence to the contrary. The physical death might be the end. One can never be completely certain about anything. I reserve the same doubt about this as I reserve about everything.

But I am fairly confident that I’m basically correct, that what I have experienced and what I’ve read about others’ experience is true and verified in any truly objective mind’s eyes.

Many people calling themselves skeptics claim the paranormal isn’t rational, but I say it’s very much rational, and I say it’s those self-appointed skeptics that are in truth irrational because they deny the evidence. Even many proponents say you should leave rationality behind and take things on faith. I certainly don’t agree. Each person should approach this, like they should everything, with a truly open and skeptical mind.

I’ve been beyond the veil quite a few times, usually in uncontrollable, also life-threatening situations, but also because I traveled there deliberately. I’ve encountered human beings, spirits both dead and alive, but never anything even approaching those before mentioned «higher beings». The Shadowworld, as I call it is «populated» by human beings and human beings only.

It’s a beyond powerful experience, totally impossible to properly describe. You truly feel like a god. There is no time or fixed time, as you’re bombarded with memories from all your lives simultaneously. The word «knowledge» becomes something empty and trite. You’ve never known anything like knowledge in this life before you become face to face with your Shadow, your eternal Self. Many doing that can’t take it and see either God or Satan or similar, but if you face it without fear or conceit, you see «only» yourself, in a many-angled mirror.

I see it all, us as flesh and spirit, material and immaterial and more, pretty much as a dynamic, many-faceted existence where all the parts of the sum are equally important, crucial to the whole.

I have several times, just for good fun (and deadly serious) walked around and presented myself as God, done it for weeks after one of my Journeys. My guess is that I’m not the only one who has done so during the long and twisted history of mankind…

And do you know what the best part of it is? There is no ego involved here. I can honestly say I don’t care shit if you share my angle or not. I don’t mind talking about it or discussing it, but you should know in advance that I know all the arguments and very few of them impress me.

What often pisses me off, though, is that each and every human is a beyond vast, ancient spiritual being and waste their lives being others’ lapdog.

But then again, that would have pissed me off, even if we weren’t beyond vast, ancient spiritual beings.

Btw, I enjoy my life and would have done so even if I hadn’t seen myself as a beyond vast, ancient spiritual being. I see death as a completely natural part of the cycle. My cycle is slightly more extensive, that’s all.


Karen Martin Sampson said...

Your ponderings have also been mine over the years. Is there God? Is death final? Are we reincarnated? I have no specific belief although I was raised Anglican. I even taught Sunday school for a while. Stopped when I realized I didn't believe the "stories" I was telling to my first grade class. The Buddhists say that every one of us is the buddha. That is something that makes sense to me.

Amos Keppler said...

"There is no God but man" - Aleister Crowley.

He was absolutely correct.