Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Useless - except for lining drug production companies’ pockets

The independent Cochrane Institute in Rome, Italy reveals a startling truth about flu vaccines, pretty much confirming what other independent bodies and individuals have claimed for years. Their conclusions are based on 36 studies. They show that all studies not conducted by or paid or sponsored by the drug companies are quite conclusive: flu vaccines are virtually useless. Every single one of them has little or no effect. Only one in hundred people, at best is helped. It doesn’t work, and isn’t even helpful for the so called «risk groups», like children and old and sick people, but on the contrary serves only to put them at bigger risk of becoming a victim of the drug’s adverse effects. Again, natural resistance is shown to be infinitely superior to any human-made compounds.

All countries official «experts» and national drug administrations recommend vaccination, yet another revealing truth about their close connection to the drug production companies. Will they react, now, when the undisputed truth once again has revealed itself?

I doubt it. If Big Bucks, with the aid of their good helpers can’t subvert the truth they most certainly can ignore it. The flu «epidemic» last winter earned them billions of dollars more for their extravagant lifestyle.

Have they killed people in their greed? Most certainly. Not only occasionally, but all the time. Will they ever pay for it? Not likely. They are the respected citizens of the current society.

 WARNING: do not click on the link without being protected. The Cochrane institute has been hacked and it is more than likely that Big Pharma is behind it.

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