Saturday, January 08, 2011


I searched for one word for a few seconds, to describe me, and suddenly, there it was.

I make no apologies for being the free human being that I am, for attacking an oppressive society, with all its lame and horrible and dangerous normalcy with everything I am.

You’re free, you can do what you want. Living in a tyranny, like every human being on Earth is doing today, there have to be a few concessions. You have to acknowledge the fact that they have a certain limited physical power over you… but aside from that… small, tiny thing, there is nothing holding you back. If you accept that the overlords and their stooges have power over you, they have. If you don’t… they haven’t. It is as simple as that.

That’s the key. The system and its ever-changing overlords can only rule us all, as long as we accept being ruled. If enough of us stop accepting it, the tyranny ends.

If you decide to kill a person, for instance, if you really decided to go through with it, very few could actually stop you. The person you set out to kill could do so, of course, or circumstances could work against you, but if you put your mind and will to it, that isn’t very likely. Whatever you want to do, if you are ready to accept the consequences, you can do. Big acts are actually easier to do than smaller, troublesome chores in the confines of an ordinary existence.

The propaganda tells you that obeying the rules, being the nice law-abiding citizen is what to strive for, is the right, honorable way to live. I reject that false truth, the smoke and mirror tactic of the tyrants. The older I become, the more I reject it.

Those embracing an ordinary, dehumanizing existence have really forfeited the right to be treated with respect, in my opinion. Respect must be earned. If you don’t have respect for yourself, how can others have it? If you accept, willingly or unwillingly today’s dreaded existence, and succumb to it, if you see yourself as nothing but a tiny wheel within the bigger, horrible machinery, you obviously have no self-respect. You might insist that you have, but you would be wrong.

So expect me to keep telling you, for as long as I breathe, in no uncertain terms what a despicable lowlife you are.

These nights I celebrate my sixth anniversary as a blogger. Those years have been wild, as the many years before them.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Yes, I know, the sentence above is «grammatically» wrong. Language, too, is a prison, if you decide to abide by its constraints.

And with that, I conclude this literary masterpiece.

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