Sunday, January 23, 2011

Right to protest

We don’t have a right to protest, not in any country I know on Earth, and I’ve been to most of them, and today knowledge is easily available about the rest. We must take that right.

In many places knowing what will happen isn’t difficult. They shoot you like a dog or drag you into a torture chamber if you even breathe at the wrong time. In others freedom of assembly is usual permitted, at least if you ask nice first. If you don’t ask nice the nice men and women in uniform will come with their clubs and shields and guns and convince you that this isn’t such a good idea. The police in any so called democratic country can, in case you’re wondering criminalize an assembly or protest, at any time, also those obtaining advance «permission», and if you don’t have good working relationship with the bullies that will most certainly happen.

The freedom, the right to protest is pretty much illusory. The only people allowed freedom of assembly are those not very dangerous to the people in charge. The rest of us run the risk of suffering broken skulls and bones, and ending up in a not so very nice place.

Police brutality is prevalent in every single country, in the north, east, south and west. Police officers should not be trusted in any capacity. Just keep in mind that police bashing in itself is useless, without also targeting their masters, the overlords sitting at the top of the pyramid that is the modern society.

In Gothenburg, Copenhagen, London, Seattle and a thousand big and small places those with their eyes open see easily the true face of «protect and serve».

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