Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The following is human civilization in a nutshell, for dummies (like the books), and perhaps even in a language those greedy and ignorant bastards running things may understand:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that problems won’t go away by themselves. They must be tackled head on. If you receive a bill you can’t pay you need to contact the company issuing it as soon as possible and make an arrangement with it, or your situation will only worsen. Many don’t do that, but burn the bill or throw it in the waste bin, and when the next suspicious envelope with their name on it arrives in the mail they suffer from a massive anxiety attack and never open the envelope. This might continue for weeks and months and the initial fairly small amounts and your problems grow to enormous proportions. Some might even flee to another country in a last-ditch attempt to escape the horror their lives have become.

Human society as a whole has similar problems. They started small thousands of years ago and the bill has rocketed sky-high since then. Many small collectors are chasing us for the amount owed, or so it seems, but there’s really only one: The Earth itself. It holds a giant shotgun to our head that has long since grown totally beyond proportions, and the gunpowder it uses is in the billions of tons.

And humanity as a whole keeps refusing to open those envelopes, and our anxiety attacks… they go through all roofs, too. Running to another country won’t help. The debt can easily be collected everywhere and it is. There is nowhere left to run.

Countless stacks of bills are long overdue and the collector is getting impatient.

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