Sunday, January 23, 2011


I’ve experienced an explosion of creativity and inspiration the last two weeks. It’s really quite remarkable, unlike anything I’ve lived through, even in a life filled with somewhat comparable prolonged moments in time. Everything is boiling in here…

It eventually made me wonder, pondering the cause of it all. The answer wasn’t instantly forthcoming.

Then, in a moment of clarity and a bit of embarrassment, the obvious answer struck me…

My TV-subscription ended the tenth, and a week after that my television set broke down completely and probably and preferably beyond recovery.

The god was dead, croaked, totaled, gone, eradicated.

I was struck by the synchronicity of it all. My idiot box was thirteen years old and derelict, but it kept it going, until a moment not long after I had decided I had no more use for it.

Thirteen years ago, with a little help from good friends I threw God on the garbage heap where it belonged, but like a cancer it snuck back into my life. This time, however it didn’t have a prayer.

Even as little as I watched television it still drained me, drained my inner fire and loud inspiration. These two weeks have actually been like a rebirth, of sorts. I’ve had that type of square box in the house since I was three years’ old, and have for years told myself to get rid of it. Now, when I have, I regret I didn’t do so far sooner.

The benefits of us parting ways are obvious beyond words and relief. Now, knowing what I know, I find myself writhing in discomfort merely by finding myself in close proximity to one of those horrid machines.

I have let go of one more ties that binds. One more chain of my captivity has dissolved to dust, has transmuted into live-giving air, and I’m flying even higher and deeper in the shadowlands of infinite night.

imagine an axe cleaving this one in half


A.M. Guynes/Annikka Woods said...

The "idiot box" is one of the worst distractions a writer can have in their life. I found I preferred to catch my favorite shows rather than detail the lives of my characters. My writing suffered, dying a slow death. It was suffocated because of my dependency on moving pictures on a glass screen to tell me stories.

I haven't had tv in over a year. My roommate hooked hers up and got the converter box so she could have the basic channels. I have managed to avoid the temptation of watching because nothing she watches interests me. In truth, tv doesn't interest me anymore at all.

So enjoy your creative fire. May it last for as long as you choose to keep it burning.

Amos Keppler said...

Thank you, it will and will be Forever.

Yes, the destructive power of a television set is indeed one of the seven horrors of modern existence...

Ren said...

@Annikka, "The "idiot box" is one of the worst distractions a writer can have in their life."

@Amos "Yes, the destructive power of a television set is indeed one of the seven horrors of modern existence..."

So very true. Thank you for a wonderful post.

Amos Keppler said...

You're welcome :)