Monday, January 03, 2011

1984 - The next generation

According to another eye-opener from Wikileaks a German/US clandestine project is set to develop the next generation of spy satellites, satellites that make the story 1984 by George Orwell seems like child’s play in comparison.

Again, this was no secret. We have known that such satellites were in development. No matter how strenuously official sources have ridiculed people stating that they were. But once again Wikileaks confirms what was previously firmly set in the domain of «conspiracy-theorists».

Again, calling somebody a «conspiracy-theorist» is a safe way of discrediting him or her, a very successful way, used by tyrants and tyrants’ stooges for decades.

It’s funny, really, in a bad way, and even funnier that some people keep attempting to deny that governments and corporations wish us the worst of times.

This is really great stuff, you know. The author, the Storyteller in me is choking on the laughter on this one.

The aim of the military clandestine HIROS-project, camouflaged in official doublespeak as environment satellites is to see everything, really.

The satellites will make it possible to survey any place on Earth down to 50 centimeters - with new photographs from 3 to 5 times a day.

The images will be available much faster than before, from 2 to 5 minutes. Today it takes hours, or so they say.

It will be easier to make three-dimensional images in color.

It will be possible to take infrared photographs at night and capture activity below the ground.

Again, to an aware and radical person, this is nothing new, but it’s great to have it all out in the open like this, even though most people will either fail to read it - or if they should read it or hear it in other ways - shrug and turn away.

They, the people behind this and the other projects will tell you that their attention is directed at perceived «hostile states» or «terrorists» or any other group they may blame for the sorry state of the world. Don’t believe them. They lie, lie all the time, about everything, also cleverly by telling the «truth», by slight of hand performances leaving out important details.

Together with the Echelon-project used for eavesdropping on E-mail and people’s conversations worldwide and several other control-activities, like close up video-surveillance in cities, all of it in operation for a long time, this forms an unequivocal message:

They are watching you.

Yes, you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a law-abiding citizen, if you have never broken the law or anything. The purpose is to scare you, to the point that you’re not even thinking about stepping out of line. This is about Control.

For more than a few years now we’ve been entrenched in the insane world of Big Brother. It is going from bad to worse fast.

In secret cables in and out of Berlin and secret conversations exposed elsewhere we certainly see what the true intentions are: total control of all humans on Earth.

One intermediary source: Aftenposten (in Norwegian).

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