Sunday, January 23, 2011

Right to protest

We don’t have a right to protest, not in any country I know on Earth, and I’ve been to most of them, and today knowledge is easily available about the rest. We must take that right.

In many places knowing what will happen isn’t difficult. They shoot you like a dog or drag you into a torture chamber if you even breathe at the wrong time. In others freedom of assembly is usual permitted, at least if you ask nice first. If you don’t ask nice the nice men and women in uniform will come with their clubs and shields and guns and convince you that this isn’t such a good idea. The police in any so called democratic country can, in case you’re wondering criminalize an assembly or protest, at any time, also those obtaining advance «permission», and if you don’t have good working relationship with the bullies that will most certainly happen.

The freedom, the right to protest is pretty much illusory. The only people allowed freedom of assembly are those not very dangerous to the people in charge. The rest of us run the risk of suffering broken skulls and bones, and ending up in a not so very nice place.

Police brutality is prevalent in every single country, in the north, east, south and west. Police officers should not be trusted in any capacity. Just keep in mind that police bashing in itself is useless, without also targeting their masters, the overlords sitting at the top of the pyramid that is the modern society.

In Gothenburg, Copenhagen, London, Seattle and a thousand big and small places those with their eyes open see easily the true face of «protect and serve».


I’ve experienced an explosion of creativity and inspiration the last two weeks. It’s really quite remarkable, unlike anything I’ve lived through, even in a life filled with somewhat comparable prolonged moments in time. Everything is boiling in here…

It eventually made me wonder, pondering the cause of it all. The answer wasn’t instantly forthcoming.

Then, in a moment of clarity and a bit of embarrassment, the obvious answer struck me…

My TV-subscription ended the tenth, and a week after that my television set broke down completely and probably and preferably beyond recovery.

The god was dead, croaked, totaled, gone, eradicated.

I was struck by the synchronicity of it all. My idiot box was thirteen years old and derelict, but it kept it going, until a moment not long after I had decided I had no more use for it.

Thirteen years ago, with a little help from good friends I threw God on the garbage heap where it belonged, but like a cancer it snuck back into my life. This time, however it didn’t have a prayer.

Even as little as I watched television it still drained me, drained my inner fire and loud inspiration. These two weeks have actually been like a rebirth, of sorts. I’ve had that type of square box in the house since I was three years’ old, and have for years told myself to get rid of it. Now, when I have, I regret I didn’t do so far sooner.

The benefits of us parting ways are obvious beyond words and relief. Now, knowing what I know, I find myself writhing in discomfort merely by finding myself in close proximity to one of those horrid machines.

I have let go of one more ties that binds. One more chain of my captivity has dissolved to dust, has transmuted into live-giving air, and I’m flying even higher and deeper in the shadowlands of infinite night.

imagine an axe cleaving this one in half

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kill the dog

It’s one of the best advices I can offer when it comes to writing fiction.

How often haven’t we seen a family in peril with the following scenario: There is a fire or an imminent explosion. The family of four, one boy and a girl has escaped from the house, and they’ve forgotten their dog. The boy or the girl, usually the youngest child cries out: «What about Charlie? We’ve forgotten Charlie». And then they see the dog in the flames. One of two things happens: Either the dog makes it through a long stretch of flames on its own, or the father rushes in through the hungry fire and rescue the poor mutt, either totally unrealistic. Then the fire make the building collapse or the bomb or gas thank go off.

The youngest child walks off with the dog in his or her hands, surrounded by the family, and all is well with the world.

In Clive Barker’s story The Forbidden a baby dies. In the otherwise excellent film version, called The Candyman it’s saved from a giant bonfire. Bah!

There are countless, way too many to be counted examples, all of horrible storytelling, of greed, taboos and intolerance ruining a potentially great story. Theaters won’t show such films, stores won’t sell such books and family friendly pressure groups or similar will do their utmost to keep them from being showcased.

No, I don’t object to the dog or the child or whatever being saved occasionally. I object to the sheer numbers of it.

Don’t make or write a «family friendly» story at all. They suck. All potential in such stories has been removed in a mire of internal and external censorship and lack of daring.

There should be far more stories that are thought-provoking, controversial and confrontational. Killing the dog, transgression should be the norm, not the rare exception.

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The following is human civilization in a nutshell, for dummies (like the books), and perhaps even in a language those greedy and ignorant bastards running things may understand:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that problems won’t go away by themselves. They must be tackled head on. If you receive a bill you can’t pay you need to contact the company issuing it as soon as possible and make an arrangement with it, or your situation will only worsen. Many don’t do that, but burn the bill or throw it in the waste bin, and when the next suspicious envelope with their name on it arrives in the mail they suffer from a massive anxiety attack and never open the envelope. This might continue for weeks and months and the initial fairly small amounts and your problems grow to enormous proportions. Some might even flee to another country in a last-ditch attempt to escape the horror their lives have become.

Human society as a whole has similar problems. They started small thousands of years ago and the bill has rocketed sky-high since then. Many small collectors are chasing us for the amount owed, or so it seems, but there’s really only one: The Earth itself. It holds a giant shotgun to our head that has long since grown totally beyond proportions, and the gunpowder it uses is in the billions of tons.

And humanity as a whole keeps refusing to open those envelopes, and our anxiety attacks… they go through all roofs, too. Running to another country won’t help. The debt can easily be collected everywhere and it is. There is nowhere left to run.

Countless stacks of bills are long overdue and the collector is getting impatient.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

The politics of hatred

The politics of hatred are pretty easy to describe. It is when people and politicians are blaming various minorities and their supporters for whatever perceived trouble a country or society has, and even more so when such a blame game is tipping over and results in violence and aggression against a given group. It’s often, very often mixed with nationalism and religion. Members of a given minority are painted as enemies of a given nation or religion.

Without nationalism, in any form or religion, in any form the world would most certainly be a better place, lacking two of the main incentives of totally unfounded aggression.

Recent immigrants or groups belonging to the same ethnic group as recent immigrants are very popular hate objects. They are evidently «ruining the country» (whatever that means). The racist hate groups are speaking a lot about defending or taking back their country, a country that was never really theirs in the first place.

There’s a thoroughly eerie and insane line of thought these people display.

Racism is quite common all over the present world. It’s displayed by most majority groups, and even in some minority groups, but most of all in those clinging to nationalism and religion.

Bashing vulnerable people and minorities are useful. It’s a great tool when you want to be an elected official in some or other capacity. It’s also very handy for the tyrants in a given country when they want to set groups against each other, to better control the poor and huddled masses.

Most countries have fairly popular far right groups. Sadly the far right isn’t the only show in town peddling to the racists, or there wouldn’t truly be much of a problem. Center right, center and center left of the political spectrum have all their own muddled tendencies. Very few politicians and elected officials take a stand against racism. The popular current double speak version of racism is to say that a person is «against immigration», while the obvious truth is that anyone opposed to a multicultural society is a racist, filled to the brim with bias, prejudice and intolerance for any alternative lifestyle.

The fairly respected French government threw out all the gypsies on what were clearly triumphed up «charges», and even though there was outrage, it wasn’t very loud. This is just one example of many, where the authorities make what is called a popular decision to distract from their own troubles.

We saw demonstrated the inevitable result of the politics of hatred in Tucson, Arizona, USA recently. Jared Lee Loughner, after listening to the aggressive hate speech of Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and countless others for years decided to off United States Congress representative Gabrielle Giffords. He shot her and many others. Among the dead was Christina Taylor-Green, a nine year-old girl.

Palin and the other conservatives in the so-called Tea Party movement have been very defensive, and attempted strenuously to evade blame for their obvious complicity, but their guilt is obvious, really. They should even be charged with incitement and could just as well have stood behind the shooter and cheered him on.

I can't say that every member of the tea party is bad, since I haven't met all of them or heard all of them speak, but those I have met and heard speak are raving, dangerous lunatics.

They are beyond guilty scum, and «hardly human» in my eyes, and it’s about time we all took a stand against them and their like, in all countries on Earth.

PS I have deliberately left out mentioning the United States haters’ gun terminology, since I don’t really believe it is about that, isn’t about pro guns or not. My view is that people who want to get a gun, want to kill people usually succeed in doing so. Europe and other areas haven’t the same insane availability of guns that the United States has, but there are still many similar smaller and bigger cases all over the world.

The beyond aggressive rhetoric and acts of the intolerant mind has a long history in civilization in general.

Friday, January 14, 2011

True artistic freedom - stage 4

This will deal with many things I haven’t mentioned in the three previous posts and will also serve as a kind of summing up of the info and statements there.

I have now published four novels under my new self-publishing initiative. It works like a charm and beyond my expectations, really. My books are available all over the world, and the Lightning Source network will be further expanded with a new printer opening in Australia for the Australian and Asian markets this summer. And my experiences during the publication, distribution and selling serves to confirm and even add to my previous opinions about the industry.

And if I, at some point should become dissatisfied with Lightning Source there are lots of other alternatives out there.

I'm not really very prolific, even though I have published four novels in six months. This is simply an acquired boon stemming from the fact that I've written eleven novels during a period of four decades and that I can now enjoy the fruits of my long labor.

Self-publishing isn’t just possible and desirable, but the only way to publish your work if you have any self-respect or dignity at all.

Stay away from agents, editors, established publishers, and most authors published under the old system. The aid they may provide is at best ill-advised, at worst totally destructive to your possible path as an author, artist or human being even.

Read about authors’ experiences with established publishers here.

Agents are merely an intermediary between you and the established publishers. They provide nothing of worth, except how to ruin yourself and your work, in an effort to be noticed by the trad pubs… and thereby gain the opportunity of being ruined by them. And they, like the established publishers themselves have now become, even more than before a totally unnecessary link between you and the reader.

Editors are pretty much the same, except that they are even more involved in your participation in your own destruction. When they’re done with your work you will hardly recognize it, and it will be as bland as most other works published by the Old Ways.

I was skeptical to editing from the start. Except for correcting pure mistakes, I swore my books should remain exactly as they were written the first time. Time and experience taught me to modify that view a bit. I had to admit that some rewriting or revision was needed and even desirable. But my fundamental skepticism towards professional editors remained and was strengthened in my contact with them. They don’t truly care about your work. They are just true to their masters, the publishers or their own limited, very limited notion of what a story or piece of writing should be. Very few of them know you or even try to know you or your work, or what you want to do and where you want to go.

Now, as an experienced author I do the editing and revision pretty much in my head as I write what some authors call first draft, anyway. I’ve never done drafts and do so even less, now.

I wouldn’t listen to anyone praising the old system, no matter how many copies they’ve sold, especially not then. Writing classes and conferences are usually a part of the old system and should, like writing groups in general be shunned anyway. A novel can never be written by committee. I’ve learned to write on my own, never taken any classes, or read any books about «how to write» what so ever. Therefore I can state, with just pride that I have a unique «voice», one not marred by mainstream horrors and an old, corrupt system of censorship and ruination of art.

All those «how to become a better writer» books out there should also be shunned, of course. At best they’re a horrible shortcut, at worst one more way of leading you astray, pulling you into the maelstrom of mainstream mediocrity. There are no good such books. Even the good is bad, if you get my drift.

Yes, ninety-nine percent of the established industry is set to ruin any prospective author or artist and their works. This is true whether you’re a writer, musician, a movie maker or artist in general.

I have to point out that everything isn’t black or white, though. Of course not. There is blurring around the edges. Small time press or independent individuals might serve in a capacity similar to what a friend or personal adviser might provide, an honest alternative view of your story.

But why should you choose a small publisher, when you can easily be one yourself?

Because of the lighter workload in the sales and exclusion of secretary work I would consider publishing through an established company if they agreed that I made all decisions, that I could do everything I do, now, and have the total freedom of an self-published author, but that is as likely as if the sun should rise in the west or something, so I don’t waste any time thinking about it. I would certainly be very skeptical if anyone approached me, for the many reasons I’ve listed earlier.

I like where I am, now. It’s a great start for possible further future «glory», a foundation I can work with and expand at my own pace and coincidences and luck and persistence may magnify to a greater degree. There are no limits, literally, and even more important: far fewer limitations than doing it all through those before mentioned asshole established publishers and their rotten (rotten in most meanings of the word) system.

Most authors and prospective authors are still stuck in the old mode of approaching agents and publishers, craving their acceptance as a way of «feeling complete» as an author and the equally misunderstood notion that the chances of earning lots of cash are greater if they should accept you. I see that both on Internet and elsewhere. But fortunately this is changing. My dream of a world filled with true independent artists and human beings is being actualized, slowly but There, no matter how all the weight of the old, inhuman world is leaning on it.

The story so far:

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Saturday, January 08, 2011


I searched for one word for a few seconds, to describe me, and suddenly, there it was.

I make no apologies for being the free human being that I am, for attacking an oppressive society, with all its lame and horrible and dangerous normalcy with everything I am.

You’re free, you can do what you want. Living in a tyranny, like every human being on Earth is doing today, there have to be a few concessions. You have to acknowledge the fact that they have a certain limited physical power over you… but aside from that… small, tiny thing, there is nothing holding you back. If you accept that the overlords and their stooges have power over you, they have. If you don’t… they haven’t. It is as simple as that.

That’s the key. The system and its ever-changing overlords can only rule us all, as long as we accept being ruled. If enough of us stop accepting it, the tyranny ends.

If you decide to kill a person, for instance, if you really decided to go through with it, very few could actually stop you. The person you set out to kill could do so, of course, or circumstances could work against you, but if you put your mind and will to it, that isn’t very likely. Whatever you want to do, if you are ready to accept the consequences, you can do. Big acts are actually easier to do than smaller, troublesome chores in the confines of an ordinary existence.

The propaganda tells you that obeying the rules, being the nice law-abiding citizen is what to strive for, is the right, honorable way to live. I reject that false truth, the smoke and mirror tactic of the tyrants. The older I become, the more I reject it.

Those embracing an ordinary, dehumanizing existence have really forfeited the right to be treated with respect, in my opinion. Respect must be earned. If you don’t have respect for yourself, how can others have it? If you accept, willingly or unwillingly today’s dreaded existence, and succumb to it, if you see yourself as nothing but a tiny wheel within the bigger, horrible machinery, you obviously have no self-respect. You might insist that you have, but you would be wrong.

So expect me to keep telling you, for as long as I breathe, in no uncertain terms what a despicable lowlife you are.

These nights I celebrate my sixth anniversary as a blogger. Those years have been wild, as the many years before them.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Yes, I know, the sentence above is «grammatically» wrong. Language, too, is a prison, if you decide to abide by its constraints.

And with that, I conclude this literary masterpiece.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Useless - except for lining drug production companies’ pockets

The independent Cochrane Institute in Rome, Italy reveals a startling truth about flu vaccines, pretty much confirming what other independent bodies and individuals have claimed for years. Their conclusions are based on 36 studies. They show that all studies not conducted by or paid or sponsored by the drug companies are quite conclusive: flu vaccines are virtually useless. Every single one of them has little or no effect. Only one in hundred people, at best is helped. It doesn’t work, and isn’t even helpful for the so called «risk groups», like children and old and sick people, but on the contrary serves only to put them at bigger risk of becoming a victim of the drug’s adverse effects. Again, natural resistance is shown to be infinitely superior to any human-made compounds.

All countries official «experts» and national drug administrations recommend vaccination, yet another revealing truth about their close connection to the drug production companies. Will they react, now, when the undisputed truth once again has revealed itself?

I doubt it. If Big Bucks, with the aid of their good helpers can’t subvert the truth they most certainly can ignore it. The flu «epidemic» last winter earned them billions of dollars more for their extravagant lifestyle.

Have they killed people in their greed? Most certainly. Not only occasionally, but all the time. Will they ever pay for it? Not likely. They are the respected citizens of the current society.

 WARNING: do not click on the link without being protected. The Cochrane institute has been hacked and it is more than likely that Big Pharma is behind it.

Monday, January 03, 2011

1984 - The next generation

According to another eye-opener from Wikileaks a German/US clandestine project is set to develop the next generation of spy satellites, satellites that make the story 1984 by George Orwell seems like child’s play in comparison.

Again, this was no secret. We have known that such satellites were in development. No matter how strenuously official sources have ridiculed people stating that they were. But once again Wikileaks confirms what was previously firmly set in the domain of «conspiracy-theorists».

Again, calling somebody a «conspiracy-theorist» is a safe way of discrediting him or her, a very successful way, used by tyrants and tyrants’ stooges for decades.

It’s funny, really, in a bad way, and even funnier that some people keep attempting to deny that governments and corporations wish us the worst of times.

This is really great stuff, you know. The author, the Storyteller in me is choking on the laughter on this one.

The aim of the military clandestine HIROS-project, camouflaged in official doublespeak as environment satellites is to see everything, really.

The satellites will make it possible to survey any place on Earth down to 50 centimeters - with new photographs from 3 to 5 times a day.

The images will be available much faster than before, from 2 to 5 minutes. Today it takes hours, or so they say.

It will be easier to make three-dimensional images in color.

It will be possible to take infrared photographs at night and capture activity below the ground.

Again, to an aware and radical person, this is nothing new, but it’s great to have it all out in the open like this, even though most people will either fail to read it - or if they should read it or hear it in other ways - shrug and turn away.

They, the people behind this and the other projects will tell you that their attention is directed at perceived «hostile states» or «terrorists» or any other group they may blame for the sorry state of the world. Don’t believe them. They lie, lie all the time, about everything, also cleverly by telling the «truth», by slight of hand performances leaving out important details.

Together with the Echelon-project used for eavesdropping on E-mail and people’s conversations worldwide and several other control-activities, like close up video-surveillance in cities, all of it in operation for a long time, this forms an unequivocal message:

They are watching you.

Yes, you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a law-abiding citizen, if you have never broken the law or anything. The purpose is to scare you, to the point that you’re not even thinking about stepping out of line. This is about Control.

For more than a few years now we’ve been entrenched in the insane world of Big Brother. It is going from bad to worse fast.

In secret cables in and out of Berlin and secret conversations exposed elsewhere we certainly see what the true intentions are: total control of all humans on Earth.

One intermediary source: Aftenposten (in Norwegian).