Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My christmas tradition

This is a tradition at least as old as the Internet.

Each year, or every second year I publish or republish three poems to give my thoughts on christmas. This year, as an added bonus I've added a fourth.


Christmas is finally over

I shit my pants today

The Burning

Nothing happened - a ballad


Elizabeth said...

I don't share your dark personality, but I do like your poem. It explains in a more graphic way than I would write it, how lonely life can be around Christmas if one is not a celebrator and not in the loop of Christian beliefs. I see that you have Wiccan symbols on your site. Maybe as an antidote to the "holidays" you could get together with some like minded Wiccans and drink a toast to the ancients. You know - merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again. So many of the Christmas traditions come from pagan practices. Perhaps you could look at it that way. But don't stop writing your wonderfully dark poems!
Regards, Elizabeth

Unknown said...

I only read one poem - "I Shit My Pant Today" - and loved it! This may sound really sad but I've always wanted to see someone do that, as an experiment. How would humans react? I guess now I know. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Amos Keppler said...

Elizabeth: We had a great celebration in the forest during the night of the Solstice. Very merry, and vastl√ły different from christmas or mitramas, really.

It's funny, I've always seen people "celebrating" the hypocrisy, the nothingness of christmas as lonely. I'm certainly not.

Clarissa: You're welcome. It doesn't sound sad at all. More people should step outside accepted parameters. It's great fun!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Amos,
I'm glad you had great celebration. That's fantastic!

I have struggled all my life with religion. Not fitting in, not believing, feeling left out, not wanting to be included...I am an atheist and believe strongly that religion has caused more trouble in the world than it has helped. Particularly Christianity, but any religion that says if you're not a believer you are not an equal. It's a destructive force that separates us as human beings. Yet I am strangely attracted to the subject.

On the other hand, I do live in this world and therefore have to figure out a way to live reasonably and happily. That often means blending in and trying to fit in somewhere. My novel, MEMORIES OF GLORY, deals with this subject in great depth. It is apparently the prevailing theme in my mind! Perhaps you'd like to take a look at my book which is available through my blog at

Have a great new year (that strange holiday that marks a completely arbitrary spot on the Christian calendar)...argh! I need to stop!