Monday, December 06, 2010

Beyond insane

There is no nation on Earth where Freedom reigns, just tiny pockets of it besieged by the armies of oppression. The insanity is pervasive, everywhere, and on all fronts. It’s easily identified, almost no matter where you go, from top to bottom in society.

It takes a series of minor and major forms every day and night.

Humanity has, for a while now dug deep holes in the ground to find poisonous compounds, compounds they knew early were poisonous. And we continue this horrible tradition today, when our knowledge about its poisonous «qualities» is better known than ever. We make ever more poison, more artificial chemicals in addition to those we dig from the Earth, thousands new and beyond dangerous every year.

This wretched stupidity goes beyond even insanity, into suicidal behavior.

We live in a society where both the leaders and most of its people are both deeply ignorant and irresponsible, where humanity, as a species is committing collective suicide.

Alternative information is suppressed.

Any truly alternative way of living is sneered at and its proponents are persecuted.

Our extensive use of coal and oil is about to transform Earth from a fairly pleasant globe to an inferno. Coal brings death below to the people digging it up and disaster once we start using its «bounty».

Our equally extensive use of chemicals in all parts of our life is making us sick and threatens to make most of the life on the planet infertile.

What is currently seen as viable alternatives, like nuclear energy is even worse. Its fuel is the most dangerous compound in existence.

Advanced technology makes us ever better in the art of destroying nature, ruining all life. We have transformed 50 percent of the wilderness into cities and other lifeless, truly desolate areas. It’s a process speeding up year by year.

The modern human society is steeped in oppression, intolerance and devastation. Civilization is destroying everything making life worth living. If not all the physical aspects of the present day horror make you stop and think, this aspect of modern existence should definitely do it.

Current humanity is totally fucked up!


Anonymous said...

Fascinating writing, as we go through each day witness to and subjected to so much being removed from a world, our lives, our very existence, and struggle to maintain & grasp much as we can find.
~Something good in things though, whilst I was away from a computer due to a lightning strike, and lost much work, your kind words & assistance were appreciated. Much gratitude! Happy I've finally reached your blog. Such strong words, concerns, truth regarding our worldly issues, and you are truly a fantastic writer!

Amos Keppler said...

Thank you. It means a lot to me, and I'm glad I could help you.

Yes, the world is so wrong that it can be very hard to find good things in it, but that makes it that much better when we do find it.