Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks (I)

Let me first start with what a great thing it is that Wikileaks has released and is releasing United States’ classified information in unprecedented quantities, and that the United States government and industrial/military complex seems helpless to stop it.

Governments lie, lie through their teeth, lie all the time and this will inevitably let more people realize this.

What has been revealed so far, about the US and NATO brutal warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan and also elsewhere isn’t really that much new stuff. The detail of it is impressive, but radical people like myself have been well aware of far more disturbing facts for decades.

It has even been in the public room, fairly easy to come by for those seeking them.

United States has made 132 invasions since its inception, an unprecedented track record very hard, if not downright impossible to beat. They have been carrying out genocide against the indigenous population. They have instigated, directly and indirectly a rule of terror in Central and South America. The entire world has felt its terror.

They have assassinated heads of state, toppled governments and generally speaking contributed a lot to today’s fucked up world.

These are facts, not a matter of opinion.

Has the United States contributed anything good to humanity at all? Yes. But nowhere enough to counter all the bad.

Anybody buying the establishment’s criticism against Wikileaks should have their head’s examined. Somebody should have done this and more decades ago.

My only objection so far concerns what hasn’t been published so far. There should be no holding back what so ever here. As long as there is, there will always be a justified suspicion that this is all a controlled leak from some faction in the forces behind the government.

A frank, honest man.


Darla said...

Revealing the truth is the most brave and heroic act I have seen in such a long time. Those who have been revealed and stained by the leaks should never have done the types of things they have now been shown to have done. The shame is their's alone.
I have had this conversation with friends of mine of late. At first they were skeptical, saying that the leaks were dangerous.
I asserted that the actions that were revealed were what was truly dangerous, and it is refreshing to see somone in this world who would pull back the curtains.

Amos Keppler said...

Indeed. All curtains and walls should be gone completely. Then perhaps even the most dedicated sheep might realize something crucial.

All countries with secret services are, by default tyrannies.