Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A better world (I)

I want a better world, a much better world.

A good start on our path to such a distant place in time and space would be to let go of the pretense and blatant hypocrisy dominating today’s global society, locally, nationally and internationally.

There are very few good things about the current world. We, humanity live in a hell of our own making, and we claim it’s a good thing.

A better world wouldn’t celebrate something like Columbus Day, but would call it the horror it was and still is, and always will be. In a better world most people wouldn’t say good things about bad people in the bad people’s funerals. They wouldn’t feel the need to hide real problems because of convenience and fear of losing face or influence or stature.

The white Europeans exterminated millions of native «Americans». You would believe that a fact like that should have a greater impact on a society claiming to be more evolved and «civilized»… right? Yes, it has happened, it can’t be undone, but that isn’t really the issue here. You see, instead of being condemned Columbus' arrival in the land now called America is celebrated, yet another sign that nothing really has changed, and that the same mechanisms are still present today. The forces driving the state of israel are allowed, openly to do the same to the Palestinians, and the rest of the world shrugs in its indifference. There are countless other examples.

Might makes right.

You might claim that the custom of never saying bad things about anyone after they’re dead is a minor thing, a way of softening grief, but it isn’t really. It’s one example of many of how pervasive hypocrisy is today.

Hypocrisy serves the tyrants, obviously so, keeping important issues from being discussed. It’s one major type of oil keeping the wheels of the Machine going, like fear on the keys to the Kingdom to those people thriving in this thoroughly unjust, unequal and destructive society.

This as a modest start…

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