Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebration mighty and true

There has been a lot of celebration this summer. In fact, except for a sixteen-day and night binge-drinking Tour to London in 1995 and a wet month in Thailand in 2003 I’ve never celebrated more.

The best reason for this, except for Life in general is that I’ve started publishing my novels, finally started in earnest. It hard for me to truly convey how much this means to me, what a thrill, a savage joy it is. Doing so is a reward in itself, but doing it, knowing the long and hard struggle behind it makes it thrice worthwhile and precious.

Yes, celebration is its own reward, but knowing the long walk behind it, makes it that much more explosive and fun. I’ve danced around the campfire in the wilderness, drunk myself into a stupor on Guiness and left pubs in ruins, in the deepest, darkest night and even in the grayest of days and sorrow. Lives have been ruined and transformed in the course of my wild celebration…

It has been a great summer.


Darla said...

wild celebration is what is needed when summer bears the carefully tended fruits of one's most intimate and true labours. Each harvest season should ring with the sounds of cutting loose, and be tinged with the smokey air of midnight fires, where beings human show their mastery and dance with the sheer thrill of it.

I shall not yet spill the building flood of opinion of your work until my mouth has tasted all the words... rolled and savored.

Amos Keppler said...

Ok, good things come to those who wait, I guess. :)

Yeah, cutting loose and enjoy each moment to the fullest.