Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Timothy Joyce is real.

This is a warning to all you complacent tyrants and would-be tyrants out there.

This is a blinding flash of shadow to all of you fighting for true justice, equality and freedom everywhere.

Timothy Joyce is the shadow lurking at the edge of our vision. He has always existed. There is always a Timothy Joyce somewhere. He will always be here. Timothy Joyce is something, someone beyond rebellion, beyond hope and wretched abandon. If you’re looking for a decent, peaceful and nice opponent to today’s horrible regime, he isn’t it. He’s what all complacency fear, a fire burning on the coldest of rock.

I am Timothy Joyce and so are you. He’s a man, a woman, a human being that has let go of all bullshit, all pretence, of all hope that present day human society will ever be right.

He’s the ultimate rebel, one that has thrown all inhibition to the wind.

If you’re a poor public servant or corporate office rat or an ordinary, average obedient citizen that just wants to be left alone, forget it. You have no right to any kind of peace. If you think you have Timothy will soon rob you of that pleasant illusion.

If you’re lucky or unlucky enough to spot him with your closed eyes, terror will strike you to the bone.

Timothy Joyce is a force of nature rising from the deepest pit. He’s frustrations turned to rage and rage turned to a storm, one raging all shores, all fields and towns.

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