Friday, July 30, 2010

True independence

This place, this Sherwood Forest is for everybody seeking true freedom, true independence from oppression and censorship, seeking to express themselves freely, without constraint. This includes, but aren’t limited to self-publishing authors, musicians, filmmakers, artists and human beings in general. True art surpasses art and has a deserved place in human society as a whole. Art is politics, because politics is everything, whether or not you choose to go left or right when you leave your home. Art should be radical, should be controversial, both because there is am undeniable need for it in today’s world, and because the Human Being should always seek to break boundaries and imposed realities.


Ian said...

I feel (and I mean that word), that this blog talks to my condition, but ......
But,FFS, why in your rebellion are you needing to follow the "fashion" for outsider writing to be on black backgrounds and pastel fonts? I think I, and doubtless many other potential listeners/readers/call them what you will, are going to give up, pissed off with zooming their screens to 150%; converting to plain text or hightlighting the lines of text, in order to read what seems great stuff. Why the obstacles for those who have sight problems,colour blindness, dyslexia or just don't know how to "adjust their sets" to be able to access what you say. I am convinced that what you are saying is crystallising something in my mind but I know I just won't have the inclination after a bad day, to sod around with it all. Sorry for ranting, but not for what I have said. regards Ian

Amos Keppler said...

Hi, Ian, I actually have bad eyesight myself, and i use myself as template. If I can read it most people can. I have enlarged it, compared to the default.

But, by doing what you suggested I would sacrifice too much of what i want to represent and present. Black background and the rest is better, and fit my content better.

Mari said...

Nice statement of purpose you have here.

I have to partially disagree with you though. Controversial art is important, I concur, however this is not, and cannot be, the only manifestation of art. My writing, for instance, goes more for the soothing/entertaining type of art, which I find as important as the one you defend.

Evidently, for keen eyes there's almost always a concept being explored in the stories, which could lead to reflection, but that's not my main purpose otherwise my writing would be, well, lame and preaching. *blegh*

(I'm assuming it's not, you see, heh.)

Thank you for this reflective pause. I'm popping in from the blog hop and was surprised by what I found. Most positively, I must say. :)

Amos Keppler said...

Hi, Mari and welcome to One Sherwood Forest. :)

This is a discussion as old as art and life. I never said it should be the only manifestation of art, but the only truly important part of it.

Today we also have an overwhelming majority of indifferent art (and life, for that matter). It should be the other way around. Lots of blazing art and life, and just a little of that calmer, much calmer version.

Franklin Beaumont said...

Hello, Amos. I found your blog through the blog hop, and just read the first chapter of your 'The Defenseless'. I had to tell you how impressed I was; it's not often you come across an original voice, but yours is unique and exciting. I found my senses oddly agitated by your prose, and I mean that as a compliment. I also appreciate your commitment to art as a confrontational medium.

Amos Keppler said...

Thank you twice, Franklin and welcome. It's great that you appreciate my work and even greater actually that you appreciate art as a confrontational medium.