Monday, July 26, 2010

True Artistic Freedom stage 3

My novel The Defenseless is now indeed available all over the world, for virtually anybody to enjoy. The Print on Demand (POD) process is exceeding my wildest expectation. There are no disadvantages compared to offset printing, only advantages. And if a store or a retailer wants to buy 3000 copies of my book and I want to offer them lower prices my printer Lightning Source (LSI) offers offset printing as well.

Self publishing and POD is the way of the future. The old ways are dead. Good riddance. The only way the tyrannical established publishers have any hold of authors anymore is if a given author gives them that hold by clinging to the old and horrible ways. Everybody, generally speaking going through the old system of sell out and censorship should ask themselves hard questions about what they’re doing.

I’m becoming, like I have for a long time. And this is just the beginning. I have lots of novels to offer you in the coming years, all among the most controversial the world has ever seen published, and totally unacceptable to the before mentioned old and horrible system.

And the next step is evident.

I’m now ready, more than ready to take that next step.

There has been an increasingly strong need, for some time, now, to counter the propaganda issued by established publishers of books and music, producers of films and art dealers in general. Young, hopeful authors and artists are still caught by that destructive establishment, still told by «authors» and «artists» that have already submitted themselves and their work to be ruined that the old system is best. Those established authors lie through their teeth to protect their hard-won vanity and their corporate masters, a process very common in all professions. They call themselves professionals, but are little more than hired thugs for the power still exploiting and ruining art for a quick buck or for personal satisfaction.

Do I see any value, any value at all in the vast majority of art published through established channels? Of course not! How could I, or anyone searching for true freedom of expression? It’s all the same tedious mash, a narrow template hardly deviating from itself at all. I was asked if I support authors/artists attempting to find acceptance in that horrible system and I certainly don’t.

So, I’m starting up True Independence in the hope that it one day will grow to become something major and great, but never established.

No matter, it’s worth pursuing and has its own rewards. The attempt itself makes it worth it. Self publishers are the true authors and the true artists, and even though they are a diverse bunch, they’re far less prone to be boxed in and limit their work through self-censorship. By rejecting the censorship and hacking process of established publishers, producers and similar we’re also, many of us rejecting the overall tyranny so prevalent in society at large, inevitably, because established media, the fourth estate has always served the general established society, tyranny of the world.

I have been very frustrated, also as a reader all my life. One casual glance at a given book or article, and I see censorship, see the skeleton hand of established publishers and a society filled with oppression, of both the printed word and speech in general.

Wild, unbound creativity should be celebrated, not frowned at and persecuted, like it is today. There is no country in the world where true freedom reigns. A society with a justified respect for itself should be encouraging creativity and free expression, not stifling it or merely tolerating it.

Say goodbye to dogma, to oppression of thought and speech and life in general. Live your life, as close as you can possibly come, like it should be lived.

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Unknown said...

Hey congrats on having your book successfully published! Interesting to hear someone's experience of self-publishing - there's so many conflicting opinions out there, it's confusing as h.

And thanks for joining the Life Fantastic networking bloghop! It's great meeting new people who share my interest in fantasy. The more of us we know online, the better.


Stephanie Lorée said...

Hey, just blog-hopping through. I wish you the best of luck on your self-publishing endeavor. I hope it is successful!

Scribbler to Scribe

JC Martin @ Fighter Writer said...

Hi, and congrats on publishing your book! I'm considering going down the self-publishing route as well, but as Tessa said, there are so many conflicting opinions out there! Would love to hear more about how you find it, like do you break even or turn a profit?

Darla said...

I received my copy of The Defenseless last week. I dig into it deep in the night, whilst in my dark little corner.

It is perfectly sized, and quality-made.

You will have to wait until I am finished reading it to get the full review ;)

I'm completely pleased and encouraged to use the process for my own independent publishing needs in the future.

Thanks, Amos, for blazing trails and lighting paths of encouragement.

Amos Keppler said...

It's a pleasure, Darla, and i can hardly wait for your review.

To JC: I sold a thousand copies world-wide and broke even, even with offset printing seven years. Now, I need to sell less than fifty to break even. To publish each book, "make it print-ready" costs me $200. It's "ridiculously" non-expensive. I would have done it if it had been far more expensive.

Read through me links and you'll find a lot more about the entire process, my path to true artistic freedom.

I'm completely baffled why people still suffer through the trad pubs, the horrible established system. There is no doubt in my mind that self-publishing is the superior method by far.

Thank you all. I haven't been home for a while, but I will be online a few nights and will visit you and the others on the bloghop list.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for this post. I agree the whole way.
I can't seem to comment using my wordpress identity
so have to go anonymous. This is my second go.

Amos Keppler said...

Thank you. There are an increasing number embracing self-publishing, and that initial act of independence leads to so much more down the line.

Yes, Wordpress seems to be trouble in more ways than one.

And thank you for posting a link to my page.