Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Getting rid of fat - How to become a truly mobile human being - (I of IV)

If you want to know how, I'll tell you. It’s easy and free and liberating beyond words. It’s about running into the forest and the wilderness, and make sure to sweat a lot while doing so.

I am not talking about a Sunday stroll here, not even every Sunday. It has to be more than that. You must do it at least three times a week through wet moors and exertive terrain, running up and down steep hills. At the start of an intense period of exercise you may loose five kilos (ten pounds) through a two-hour run. That will beat any artificial means, drugs and diets and all those methods so popular in today’s alienated society easily.

If you have never exercised or moved around a lot before, you need to be patient, very patient. Believe me, I know. The first twenty years of my life I hardly moved around at all. I was quite simply not used to do that, and I had to learn from scratch what all human beings should learn from an early age. It hurt, hurt easily, something I realized later it was supposed to do, though. It took time, a very long time. I just walked at first, took «Sunday strolls» or similar. It took me two years until I started running. I know now, in hindsight and with my increased awareness that it’s possible to speed up the process. But both my body and myself, the entire carcass, mentally and physically had to be dragged from the mire I found myself in. On the other hand the process itself was certainly not without advantages. By now I have a long list of pretexts a lazy bastard may use to not exercise that particular day... I remember using all kind of excuses, both to myself and my friends eager to help me get in shape. I’ve always been a very creative person...

Long story short, the process taught me to discard all those downright harmful voices whispering in my mind, and that has helped me in other ways, as well.

Slowly but surely I removed the waste, the results of years of abuse from my body and my mind. My awakening wasn't merely physical. I discovered that the saying «a day without exercise is a day without meaning» is true. You become an exercise junkie over time, inevitably. When you reach a certain level your body starts releasing «the body's natural drug» into your bloodstream every time you exercise, and you feel down if you don't get your daily fix. At least if you take a two-day break. And everything becomes easier. You notice it if you take it too easy when you feel cold and increase speed just to feel better. After a while everything just happens by itself without further thought, a conscious decision on your part. You become closer to your instincts, to what the human being should be.

I've never had any major problem with obesity, but I changed from being fairly squishy to be slender and muscular at the same time, and I never proceeded, deliberately to competition levels. I'll say this to a person that has tried on hundreds of ridiculous and expensive and useless diets: if you exercise quite moderately you may eat whatever you want, also of «bad fat» without getting fat. You should never forget that most of the food we eat in present day society is bad for us, though.

But, as stated I lost five kilos during two-hour exercises trough the wilderness at close to full speed without breaks. A heavier or fat person will loose far more. And you have to eat a bit before you exercise and a lot afterwards. You need nourishment, preferably meat, definitely meat after a major exertion because you would want to build your muscle mass, not lessen it, as you would do if you didn't eat. If you don't eat after a major exertion you would build your fat, not your muscles. Most people with limited knowledge of nutrition misunderstand this, with results completely opposite of the intention.

One final matter: this worked and works for me. Each person should do his or her own thing, should adapt all this to what works for them. Trial and error work just fine. I'm no nutrition expert, not at all, fortunately not. These are things I've learned over the years, on my own. Experience is the best teacher.

Part Two

The Unmoving

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kelly said...

Good thoughts HoodedMan! Most ppl now EAT first, Pay later (with disease).

You can learn what's good or not good through experience, but how many years will it take before people realise what they're doing/eating is not working?

Don't rely on experience, health authorities, government nor "health support groups" (may be funded by corps who swerve people's views from what's unhealthy) or may be even what your parents have told you (my mum did not know any better about what she could do for her poor health!)

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. You just have to know where to find the right info, learn from the info, and lastly apply the information into your life.