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Israeli word for how Zionists explain themselves to the world, to be kind. In truth it is propaganda, the most outrageous and ridiculous lies, as we suffer through yet again these days.

It’s so beyond stupid that the only reason it’s even close to working is because western media is biased beyond belief.

This has become abundantly clear yet again when the Israeli military boarded a flotilla of aid ships to Gaza in international waters (and even possibly in Turkish waters). Unarmed people bringing aid to the hard proven people of Gaza were killed and mistreated in ways that is hard to grasp for most people. And western media presents the event exactly like Israel wants, distracting from what the case is truly about.

This isn’t about Israel’s «right to defend itself».

It isn’t a matter of two equal parties making war.

It isn’t about Al Qaeda.

It isn’t about a few thugs, pirates and brutal murderers stubbing their toes or being stabbed by kitchen knives.

This is about those countless thugs, pirates and brutal murderers serving the tyranny of Israel being given a free reign by an indifferent world society, about them being allowed to execute, deliberately unarmed and defenseless people. It’s about double standards, about state terrorism and bowing before tyranny, making each and every one of us ashamed of being human. It’s yet another clear-cut case of Israeli aggression, of war crimes, state terrorism and genocide. No, Israel isn’t being singled out. We, all of us reacting with contempt and rage simply hold them to the same standards as everybody else.

It is about perceived respected liberals like Ray Beckerman, @RayBeckerman being eager tools and proponents of Zionist hasbara (propaganda). People like Ray here are just as guilty as the Israeli police, military and government. They could just as well have pulled the trigger themselves and have blood, lots of blood and ruined lives on their hands. I refuse to link to his lies (he calls his blog Fairness), but they aren’t hard to find. They are basically a rehash of the Israeli press releases and military briefings. Why am I singling out Beckerman? Because he’s the typical sick and sly Israel supporter, and because everything else he’s doing is put into question with his callous support of callous acts.

It’s about cowards like Barack Obama, parroting the same old party line about «being a friend of Israel». No, being a friend of Israel is not okay. How can it be? It’s exactly like standing beside a murderer, torturer or rapist and cheering them on.

There is no need for an international investigation. We know what happened, no matter how much Israel is faking images. The facts are not in dispute, not among fairly sane people.

To me it’s irrelevant whether or not activists onboard the ship fought back against the boarding and piracy or not. It’s good that they did, of course, but Israel’s guilt is just as big anyway. Of course it is!

It isn’t even about the piracy in international waters, not truly. To me it would have been just as bad if it had happened smack in Gaza City.

And it does, all the time.

Let’s not forget: what the unarmed and basically defenseless people onboard those ships experienced was no more than the people of Gaza suffer through every day of their lives.

And Palestinians in Israel and on the West bank are hounded and killed all the time, treated like dirt under the Israeli’s shoes, in an Apartheid state, a system that clearly is one of the worst currently in existence.

I have written about Israel’s naked aggression for years, decades even and now and then, after yet another brutal, callous act like this one expressed hope of a breakthrough, that the world at large will draw a blood-red line in the sand and say no more.

It didn’t happen after the massacres in Sabra and Shatilla, not Qana, not Jenin or after Qana again, or after the massacring of hundreds of children in Gaza last year, and I doubt it will happen now. I ask myself all the time, how far Israel will be allowed to go before the world and humanity at large will tell itself that it no longer has a choice and must put a stop to its totally unacceptable and beyond horrible acts.

This is what should happen, for starters:

Israel should be totally isolated, being treated to an economic, academic, military, cultural and political boycott until they pull back to the borders before the war in 1967 and all their settlements in occupied territories are abandoned.

Then the pressure should start in earnest.

You don’t speak with insane people, but dictate terms.

Israel is the bad guy, the villain, the horror of our times and should be treated in kind.

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