Friday, May 14, 2010

Why and how and everything in-between and beyond

People ask me why I write what I do, ask me why I don’t write about something pleasant instead.

I write about the world, I reply, and the world isn’t very pleasant. I write about human beings, and human beings are in serious trouble these days, and most of them aren’t very pleasant either (are dead people pleasant). I, for one wonder why you guys want to read about something pleasant. I guess you want to hide from the world, from the very reality surrounding you.

I, for one also believe (firmly) that any true artist should do controversial works and cover controversial subjects. Most people calling themselves artists today do work encouraging people to fall asleep. I have slightly more ambitious goals. My desire has always been to encourage thought and independence, where there is none, and encourage further flight and boundless freedom in those that has taken the first step on their own.

One derogatory word among many dead people use today when they attempt to describe people and artists turning stones, revealing secrets and dreaming big is «grouch», or party pooper. Most people today want those bearing bad news to shut the fuck up, and not disturb whatever peace they have in their ivory tower, which is, incidentally yet another reason to disturb that peace, of course.

There has never been a greater need for party poopers than today. People should be roused from their slumber, whether they want to or not, because they, by their inactivity and also negative attitude towards those before-mentioned party poopers are an important part of the machinery that is destroying the planet and all life on it.

For me it has always been natural «to mix politics and art», because politics is everything and art is about everything. I can’t imagine not doing it, in fact.

I write about what excites me, disturbs me and enrage me, and I have no desire to be pleasant.

Consider yourself warned.

I lurk outside your bedroom, giving you well-deserved nightmares in the middle of the day.

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