Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A visit to the dentist

I sat down in the chair. The dentist’s assistant prepared to x-ray my teeth.

- This is the equivalent of one year of natural background radiation, I said.

- It isn’t dangerous, the dentist assured me, in a very patronizing and relaxed way.

He had obviously practiced that line a lot.

Before they turned on the heat both he and his assistant left the room.

They repeated the procedure for the other side of mouth, and they left the room again.

Case closed!

The casual use of dangerous practices is abundant in today’s life-hostile society.

I usually deny the use of x-rays, but every fourth of fifth visit or so, I feel compelled to give in. At least I get far less radiation than most people. This time they found a broken tooth. Any dentist could have found that without burning me with unnatural radiation, of course, but they are lazy, depending on technology, even obviously dangerous technology to aid them, not really giving any true thought to what they are doing.

Like most people today, slaves of the easy, dangerous way out.

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