Friday, May 14, 2010

Reading it again

I’m reading through my soon to be published novel The Defenseless for the third time this year, and I mean reading, not skimming. The book is pretty much ready. I can send it to the printer whenever I want, but I started reading again. This time I’m doing it in brief intervals, to make sure I’m not distracted. I want to catch the last few bugs, those that neither I nor others have caught in our proofing during the years.

It’s mostly polishing now. I hardly catch any mistakes, even though there are some, amazingly so, even after a zillion read-throughs. It has always amazed me, how they seem to be able to hide from everyone hunting them.

Once again I marvel at how everything is connected, how it fits with later books in the series I’ve already written or am writing. I see the Janus Clan as a slow-moving train slowly gaining substance. That’s certainly how it has been to this point, but no longer. By the end of the year four of ten books will be complete and all of them will be published during the next two years. It feels good.

Both The Defenseless, the book and Janus Clan, the series were born long ago. Now, they’ve grown up, ready for the world.

I will read The Defenseless one more time before publication: when I receive the proof copy from the printer. Experience tells me that it’s far easier to catch those final, pesky mistakes when you search for them on paper. It makes sense, of course. Reading words on a computer screen or any similar device will never be natural for human beings.

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