Sunday, May 09, 2010

The nice police officer

I and a friend of mine were having an email discussion about the police and «its place in modern society» when she came up with this mindless and very common «argument» and automatic defense of «our protectors».

«But there are nice police officers, too».

This was my response:

Like most people you fail to see the deliberate intent behind this. It doesn’t really matter in the big picture whether or not the police officer is crooked or not, traditionally speaking. They are all eager servants of a tyrannical system. What happened/happens in Seattle, Gothenburg, Genoa and countless other places besides isn’t about a few police officers going too far, but about a deliberate policy to keep people from protesting, from voicing their opinions and act according to their convictions.

A police officer is just as much a threat to freedom if he or she is «nice», if they help old ladies cross the street and such, as one who is obviously violent. You, my dear, like so many others need a crash course in elementary revolutionary thinking and acting. You, like most people haven’t really thought it through, thought about the repercussions of the very existence of a police corps. You think: «Crime» - oh, boy, we need police to protect us, protect our hard won property, our poor lives, and don’t realize that all law, all order is designed by the rich and powerful, to protect the rich and the powerful, against those who have little and nothing. Who is guilty when a poor man is doing the breaking and entering thing into a rich man’s house? I have no doubt whatsoever concerning the obvious answer. The real thieves aren’t those stealing scraps just to survive, but the people at the top not just stealing money from people at the bottom of the pyramid, but their very change for a decent life as well.

And this is what it is about when people in uniform, with their shields and clubs are beating the living daylights out of protesters, shooting random people, and the protesters and surviving victims are convicted for «inciting insurrection», and the police officers, the establishment’s thugs are given medals in the weeks and months to come. Your nice policeman is as eager to beat the shit out of everyone as any other thug in uniform.

This is what it is about.

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