Friday, May 07, 2010

Just another oil spill

This was no accident, no random event of technology gone wrong, not even a direct human error, but yet another incident in a tailspin, suicide run.

Now, when the far-reaching and dramatic consequences of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill become apparent we, the entire humanity should once again ask ourselves what the hell we are doing. This isn’t about a single oil spill, about drilling or even our use of oil. It’s far worse than that.

The massive amounts of oil hitting the coastline of south eastern United States is ruining life in an area already taxed beyond endurance by human ignorance and horrible lack of even the simplest awareness and blatant stupidity. The chicken has once again come home to roost.

Of course it can happen «here». It can happen anywhere, and it does, every single second of the day and night, all over the planet.

Oil exploration has been a disaster from start to finish. Oil has, in smaller and bigger quantities contaminated the soil from every single rig, on land and sea that has ever been. The countless smaller spills have been and are just as dangerous and lethal to all life on Earth as all the bigger ones. Rigs and tankers and ships and vehicles and human life in general have poisoned the Earth for so long, now, an Earth where life is fading wholesale, on a scale previously only happening during major upheavals and cosmic disasters.

When a liberal United States' president, a fairly intelligent man says that «rigs don’t usually spill» that is telling beyond words. When he displays that ignorance, that blatant lie he’s an excellent representative for present day humanity as a whole. We are that ignorant, that stupid, that filled with deception and self-deception.

US President Barack Obama had okayed another bout of drilling at sea only weeks before this most recent technological disaster. Big Oil had won another big victory in its war against the planet, and life and humanity in general. Everybody okaying that new «exploration» knew it to be harmful, at best, but they still did it, once again allowing beyond shortsighted economic interests to triumph.

President Obama has also recently declared a re-emergence of nuclear power as a major energy supplier, an act even more insane than betting on oil-drilling. The British Labour government and quite a few others have done the same.

Industrial waste and poisons continue to ruin life from the Arctic to Antarctica. More and more waste are produced and nothing, absolutely nothing is done to stop that, to stop that either.

The emerging picture after just a cursory research of modern human affairs is clear, is distinct beyond doubt: We are killing ourselves, are slowly, explicitly committing suicide and that is what we should address. To not do that would be insane… right?

This is what it is about.

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