Monday, May 03, 2010

I, the Londoner

I’m not currently living in London, but I have lived there and thrived there for major parts of my adult life.

So, when there is a general parliament election coming up I feel like I have the right and duty to speak up.

Also because elections in the UK are very important to the rest of the world, for several reasons, among them the fact that the current government has been one of the strongest supporters of US war-mongery since New Labour came to power.

London in the eighties was different from it is today. I could go right into a Waterstone bookstore and buy the latest edition of Anarchist Cookbook. It was placed in a huge pile right by the entrance. You couldn’t avoid noticing the moment you entered the store. There were lots of radical bookstores everywhere, a great jungle of truly alternative shops. Waterstone stopped displaying the Anarchist Cookbook, and then eventually stopped selling it. They had to, really, if they wanted to remain open. The government, already very tyrannical began striking ever harder at true alternative publications and publishers and stores. Now, there is no one left. London as a place of abundant public expression of Freedom and like a spot of liberty in a oppressive world slowly eroded.

Today tourists risk being questioned by the police and even detained if they snap pictures, of anything. You don’t find dangerous books and art easily available anymore. One of the many new laws states, more or less explicitly that it is illegal to work, to fight (even peacefully) for a different society. Protesters have always been treated badly, in all countries, but today a large number of them is behind bars, often on triumphed up charges.

This as a tiny selection of everything that is wrong with United Kingdom and the world today.

London is still a great place, in spite of all the negative development, especially to those that haven’t experienced what true freedom can be before, but to us that know what it was and can be that feeling of greatness is muted, and increasingly so.

I wrote a novel, in the nineties, Night on Earth, to be published this year, where I expressed my dismal view on London and the world’s future, but it has turned out even worse than I expected. Fear is much more present there, now. Fear is the key to subjugating a given population.

The loss of civil liberties and the rampant attack on those few remaining hasn’t been an issue in the election campaign at all. New Labour has been leading in these attacks, both under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. They should lose the election for that reason alone, of course. The fact that they are warmongers is another.

I’m critical to democracy in general. My opinion is that it is the sneakiest tyranny in history, since it gives people the illusion of participation, of influence. I feel strongly that rebellion and changing society should be a process expedited outside parliament elections, by forming true alternative groups outside and on the outskirts of current society.

In this context I favor the Conservatives, clearly before New Labour, since I would favor almost anybody before New Labour (except BNP and shit). Then I favor the Liberal Democrats before both of them, and then, in turn Respect and the Greens before the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats seems to be the only realistic and somewhat acceptable alternative in this election, however. They’re not racists, for one thing, like both New Labour and the Conservatives are, a fact that lessens their changes, of course, in a racist Britain. Almost everybody speaks constantly about «the damage and dangers of immigration», while the Liberal Democrats, at least to a point counter that with facts, and praise and speaking out about how immigrants make Britain go around, which is the truth. Britain would collapse, totally without those shitty «illegal» immigrants. The Liberal Democrats is also less inclined to accept the current buzzwords of tyranny, like «acceptable surveillance» and «terrorism» and other similar distractions from truly important issues. They’re not warmongers, at least not compared to the other two major parties, and they do have an environmental policy, contrary to the other two major parties.

There you have it, you free and independent Human Being. These are only a few of all those thoughts so unacceptable in the eyes of the current society you should consider before you vote and do other, far more important matters of rampant rebellion and radicalism.

As for me, I keep turning stones, in the endless search for the few remaining free Human Beings on Earth.

Yes, that is meant to be condescending to all you mindless sheep out there.

I am a Londoner. I breathe its freedom and inspiration and rampant, wild life.

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Shane said...

Agreed on every point minus one - ranking the Conservatives ahead of Labour. While the last 13 years of New Labour has been an unmitigated disaster of war, surveillance, fear and debt, I'm afraid the Conservatives would have done the same but worse.

Let's hope tomorrow brings change while there's still time...

Anonymous said...

Well spoken. We can't know what the other parties would have done in the same situation, but from a civil liberties perspective Labour has certainly been an absolute disaster. We were under far greater terrorist threats in the Thatcher era, but never experienced this level of erosion of liberties.

Amos Keppler said...

My point is indeed that Teflon Tony and underlings, including Gordy were/are FAR worse than Thatcher, in spite of how unlikely that was/is.

Yes, the increase in surveillance and terrorizing had begun during Thatcher/Major, but it was small potatoes in comparison. Read my article "A Record Speaking For Itself", where I make the looong and sordid list.

Thatcher and Major had bouts of rabid tyranny in their makeup. Teflon Tony & bunch made it their life's work.