Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A visit to the dentist

I sat down in the chair. The dentist’s assistant prepared to x-ray my teeth.

- This is the equivalent of one year of natural background radiation, I said.

- It isn’t dangerous, the dentist assured me, in a very patronizing and relaxed way.

He had obviously practiced that line a lot.

Before they turned on the heat both he and his assistant left the room.

They repeated the procedure for the other side of mouth, and they left the room again.

Case closed!

The casual use of dangerous practices is abundant in today’s life-hostile society.

I usually deny the use of x-rays, but every fourth of fifth visit or so, I feel compelled to give in. At least I get far less radiation than most people. This time they found a broken tooth. Any dentist could have found that without burning me with unnatural radiation, of course, but they are lazy, depending on technology, even obviously dangerous technology to aid them, not really giving any true thought to what they are doing.

Like most people today, slaves of the easy, dangerous way out.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Destroyers (III)

Re: the current, unfolding ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, one of the worst ever.

In that light it’s very interesting and revealing to look at another disaster and another, typical oil company.

It’s now well over 20 years ago since the grounding of the oil tanker Exxon Valdez in the sound of Valdez, Alaska. Both during and after the «incident» we have been subjected to many acts humans should have been without.

When the news first reached us, it sounded dramatic, of course. Even braindead news reporters realized that something important had happened. The more information we received in the subsequent hours, days and weeks and years, the worse it turned out to be.

Whales, millions of birds and fish and other animals died during and after the grounding.

The oil company Exxon Mobil, a company with an already justified bad reputation got an even worse one.

Presenting, for all truth-seeking readers many of the world’s foremost groups of destroyers, of industrial companies and corporations.

The local Eskimo tribe calls it «the day the ocean died», a very fitting description, and one crushing any attempt from Exxon Mobil and industrial-friendly people to explain away the disaster.

People have moved from the place in droves. It’s quite simply not possible to properly live there anymore. Those still there suffer from despair, severe depression and boundless aggression on a daily basis.

It looks better, now, compared to just after the grounding, but the poison stays in the system, in the area’s ecology. There is still oil on the beaches and the responsible company is still denying responsibility. Experts say that it may take decades, and even centuries until nature in the area regains its balance. The disaster is ongoing, also because Exxon Mobil continues to terrorize former and current inhabitants with their lawyers and monetary power and its all-powerful influence in the modern society.

One talks about this disaster as an accident, but it wasn’t really. The Alaskan Oil Spill Commission puts it this way:

«The grounding of the Exxon Valdez was not an isolated, freak occurrence. It was simply one result of policies, habits and practices that for nearly two decades have infused the nation's maritime oil transportation system with increasing levels of risk. The Exxon Valdez was an accident waiting to happen.»

Three minutes past midnight the crew failed in the attempt at correcting the ship after passing an iceberg and was grounded, and enormous amounts of oil, as much as 40 000 tons began leaking into the sea. There have been bigger disasters measured in amount of oil, but not when considering the environmental destruction and also taking into account what Exxon Mobil has or hasn’t done in the disaster’s aftermath.

Several documentaries list step-by-step the extensive array of mistakes and mistaken politics leading to the disaster. Exxon Valdez is yet another well-documented ongoing «accident». Nothing has changed. If anything companies like Exxon Mobil has gained an even greater power to destroy the last twenty years. Since Exxon Valdez Big Oil's power has just grown further. Things have gone from bad to worse, like it has in the world at large.

The accidents continue. The spills continue. It has, since 1989, in major and minor accidents been spills akin to three Exxon Valdez disasters in the Valdez area alone.

The compensation «awarded» after the disaster is in itself very telling. The amount Exxon eventually was ordered to pay in punitive damages after twenty years of court proceedings is hardly even small change.

Exxon has also been very active in its attempts at working against any measure to counter the human created Global Warming and in undermining the climate change research. The research group Union of Concerned Scientists has in a report published three years ago documented that company has used 16 million dollars to create confusion and spread disinformation about the human created Global Warming. They’ve fabricated (in Norwegian) uncertainty about the warming and its causes the same way the tobacco companies did with smoking. They’ve financed countless organizations and also started some from the ground up to create an impression of a disagreement that isn’t there.

«Doubt is our product».

And they’ve used their enormous political influence to block all extensive legislation reducing their power and profit and that may decrease the Global Warming.

On the Alaskan tundra oil keeps leaking from their operations, several hundred thousand liters the last few years alone. The company ships keep polluting the seven seas.

All in all, Exxon Mobil deserves a prominent spot among the worst of the worst when the most negative influences in the current world are mentioned.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why and how and everything in-between and beyond

People ask me why I write what I do, ask me why I don’t write about something pleasant instead.

I write about the world, I reply, and the world isn’t very pleasant. I write about human beings, and human beings are in serious trouble these days, and most of them aren’t very pleasant either (are dead people pleasant). I, for one wonder why you guys want to read about something pleasant. I guess you want to hide from the world, from the very reality surrounding you.

I, for one also believe (firmly) that any true artist should do controversial works and cover controversial subjects. Most people calling themselves artists today do work encouraging people to fall asleep. I have slightly more ambitious goals. My desire has always been to encourage thought and independence, where there is none, and encourage further flight and boundless freedom in those that has taken the first step on their own.

One derogatory word among many dead people use today when they attempt to describe people and artists turning stones, revealing secrets and dreaming big is «grouch», or party pooper. Most people today want those bearing bad news to shut the fuck up, and not disturb whatever peace they have in their ivory tower, which is, incidentally yet another reason to disturb that peace, of course.

There has never been a greater need for party poopers than today. People should be roused from their slumber, whether they want to or not, because they, by their inactivity and also negative attitude towards those before-mentioned party poopers are an important part of the machinery that is destroying the planet and all life on it.

For me it has always been natural «to mix politics and art», because politics is everything and art is about everything. I can’t imagine not doing it, in fact.

I write about what excites me, disturbs me and enrage me, and I have no desire to be pleasant.

Consider yourself warned.

I lurk outside your bedroom, giving you well-deserved nightmares in the middle of the day.

Reading it again

I’m reading through my soon to be published novel The Defenseless for the third time this year, and I mean reading, not skimming. The book is pretty much ready. I can send it to the printer whenever I want, but I started reading again. This time I’m doing it in brief intervals, to make sure I’m not distracted. I want to catch the last few bugs, those that neither I nor others have caught in our proofing during the years.

It’s mostly polishing now. I hardly catch any mistakes, even though there are some, amazingly so, even after a zillion read-throughs. It has always amazed me, how they seem to be able to hide from everyone hunting them.

Once again I marvel at how everything is connected, how it fits with later books in the series I’ve already written or am writing. I see the Janus Clan as a slow-moving train slowly gaining substance. That’s certainly how it has been to this point, but no longer. By the end of the year four of ten books will be complete and all of them will be published during the next two years. It feels good.

Both The Defenseless, the book and Janus Clan, the series were born long ago. Now, they’ve grown up, ready for the world.

I will read The Defenseless one more time before publication: when I receive the proof copy from the printer. Experience tells me that it’s far easier to catch those final, pesky mistakes when you search for them on paper. It makes sense, of course. Reading words on a computer screen or any similar device will never be natural for human beings.

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

The nice police officer

I and a friend of mine were having an email discussion about the police and «its place in modern society» when she came up with this mindless and very common «argument» and automatic defense of «our protectors».

«But there are nice police officers, too».

This was my response:

Like most people you fail to see the deliberate intent behind this. It doesn’t really matter in the big picture whether or not the police officer is crooked or not, traditionally speaking. They are all eager servants of a tyrannical system. What happened/happens in Seattle, Gothenburg, Genoa and countless other places besides isn’t about a few police officers going too far, but about a deliberate policy to keep people from protesting, from voicing their opinions and act according to their convictions.

A police officer is just as much a threat to freedom if he or she is «nice», if they help old ladies cross the street and such, as one who is obviously violent. You, my dear, like so many others need a crash course in elementary revolutionary thinking and acting. You, like most people haven’t really thought it through, thought about the repercussions of the very existence of a police corps. You think: «Crime» - oh, boy, we need police to protect us, protect our hard won property, our poor lives, and don’t realize that all law, all order is designed by the rich and powerful, to protect the rich and the powerful, against those who have little and nothing. Who is guilty when a poor man is doing the breaking and entering thing into a rich man’s house? I have no doubt whatsoever concerning the obvious answer. The real thieves aren’t those stealing scraps just to survive, but the people at the top not just stealing money from people at the bottom of the pyramid, but their very change for a decent life as well.

And this is what it is about when people in uniform, with their shields and clubs are beating the living daylights out of protesters, shooting random people, and the protesters and surviving victims are convicted for «inciting insurrection», and the police officers, the establishment’s thugs are given medals in the weeks and months to come. Your nice policeman is as eager to beat the shit out of everyone as any other thug in uniform.

This is what it is about.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Just another oil spill

This was no accident, no random event of technology gone wrong, not even a direct human error, but yet another incident in a tailspin, suicide run.

Now, when the far-reaching and dramatic consequences of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill become apparent we, the entire humanity should once again ask ourselves what the hell we are doing. This isn’t about a single oil spill, about drilling or even our use of oil. It’s far worse than that.

The massive amounts of oil hitting the coastline of south eastern United States is ruining life in an area already taxed beyond endurance by human ignorance and horrible lack of even the simplest awareness and blatant stupidity. The chicken has once again come home to roost.

Of course it can happen «here». It can happen anywhere, and it does, every single second of the day and night, all over the planet.

Oil exploration has been a disaster from start to finish. Oil has, in smaller and bigger quantities contaminated the soil from every single rig, on land and sea that has ever been. The countless smaller spills have been and are just as dangerous and lethal to all life on Earth as all the bigger ones. Rigs and tankers and ships and vehicles and human life in general have poisoned the Earth for so long, now, an Earth where life is fading wholesale, on a scale previously only happening during major upheavals and cosmic disasters.

When a liberal United States' president, a fairly intelligent man says that «rigs don’t usually spill» that is telling beyond words. When he displays that ignorance, that blatant lie he’s an excellent representative for present day humanity as a whole. We are that ignorant, that stupid, that filled with deception and self-deception.

US President Barack Obama had okayed another bout of drilling at sea only weeks before this most recent technological disaster. Big Oil had won another big victory in its war against the planet, and life and humanity in general. Everybody okaying that new «exploration» knew it to be harmful, at best, but they still did it, once again allowing beyond shortsighted economic interests to triumph.

President Obama has also recently declared a re-emergence of nuclear power as a major energy supplier, an act even more insane than betting on oil-drilling. The British Labour government and quite a few others have done the same.

Industrial waste and poisons continue to ruin life from the Arctic to Antarctica. More and more waste are produced and nothing, absolutely nothing is done to stop that, to stop that either.

The emerging picture after just a cursory research of modern human affairs is clear, is distinct beyond doubt: We are killing ourselves, are slowly, explicitly committing suicide and that is what we should address. To not do that would be insane… right?

This is what it is about.

Monday, May 03, 2010

I, the Londoner

I’m not currently living in London, but I have lived there and thrived there for major parts of my adult life.

So, when there is a general parliament election coming up I feel like I have the right and duty to speak up.

Also because elections in the UK are very important to the rest of the world, for several reasons, among them the fact that the current government has been one of the strongest supporters of US war-mongery since New Labour came to power.

London in the eighties was different from it is today. I could go right into a Waterstone bookstore and buy the latest edition of Anarchist Cookbook. It was placed in a huge pile right by the entrance. You couldn’t avoid noticing the moment you entered the store. There were lots of radical bookstores everywhere, a great jungle of truly alternative shops. Waterstone stopped displaying the Anarchist Cookbook, and then eventually stopped selling it. They had to, really, if they wanted to remain open. The government, already very tyrannical began striking ever harder at true alternative publications and publishers and stores. Now, there is no one left. London as a place of abundant public expression of Freedom and like a spot of liberty in a oppressive world slowly eroded.

Today tourists risk being questioned by the police and even detained if they snap pictures, of anything. You don’t find dangerous books and art easily available anymore. One of the many new laws states, more or less explicitly that it is illegal to work, to fight (even peacefully) for a different society. Protesters have always been treated badly, in all countries, but today a large number of them is behind bars, often on triumphed up charges.

This as a tiny selection of everything that is wrong with United Kingdom and the world today.

London is still a great place, in spite of all the negative development, especially to those that haven’t experienced what true freedom can be before, but to us that know what it was and can be that feeling of greatness is muted, and increasingly so.

I wrote a novel, in the nineties, Night on Earth, to be published this year, where I expressed my dismal view on London and the world’s future, but it has turned out even worse than I expected. Fear is much more present there, now. Fear is the key to subjugating a given population.

The loss of civil liberties and the rampant attack on those few remaining hasn’t been an issue in the election campaign at all. New Labour has been leading in these attacks, both under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. They should lose the election for that reason alone, of course. The fact that they are warmongers is another.

I’m critical to democracy in general. My opinion is that it is the sneakiest tyranny in history, since it gives people the illusion of participation, of influence. I feel strongly that rebellion and changing society should be a process expedited outside parliament elections, by forming true alternative groups outside and on the outskirts of current society.

In this context I favor the Conservatives, clearly before New Labour, since I would favor almost anybody before New Labour (except BNP and shit). Then I favor the Liberal Democrats before both of them, and then, in turn Respect and the Greens before the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats seems to be the only realistic and somewhat acceptable alternative in this election, however. They’re not racists, for one thing, like both New Labour and the Conservatives are, a fact that lessens their changes, of course, in a racist Britain. Almost everybody speaks constantly about «the damage and dangers of immigration», while the Liberal Democrats, at least to a point counter that with facts, and praise and speaking out about how immigrants make Britain go around, which is the truth. Britain would collapse, totally without those shitty «illegal» immigrants. The Liberal Democrats is also less inclined to accept the current buzzwords of tyranny, like «acceptable surveillance» and «terrorism» and other similar distractions from truly important issues. They’re not warmongers, at least not compared to the other two major parties, and they do have an environmental policy, contrary to the other two major parties.

There you have it, you free and independent Human Being. These are only a few of all those thoughts so unacceptable in the eyes of the current society you should consider before you vote and do other, far more important matters of rampant rebellion and radicalism.

As for me, I keep turning stones, in the endless search for the few remaining free Human Beings on Earth.

Yes, that is meant to be condescending to all you mindless sheep out there.

I am a Londoner. I breathe its freedom and inspiration and rampant, wild life.

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