Thursday, April 15, 2010


I certainly join with others today, as we rejoice over the fact that nature has yet again showed its supremacy over humanity and its machinations, its advanced technology and civilization.

The volcanic ash spreading from Iceland has halted air traffic all over North-Western Europe, a massive disruption of modern human activity. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Russia, France Belgium and the Netherlands have so far been affected, such a fairly small, common event, really, more than sufficient to put a major dent in people’s belief in civilization’s invulnerability.

This is how it should always be. There should be no metal deathbirds flying the airwaves, no poison-spitting engines, either in the air or on the ground or at sea ruining the air and soil and all life on Earth.

Addition midnight: It's with great pleasure i can report that the ash has now also spread to the United States' East Coast.

Hopefully the worst case scenario will come true: that the volcano will spit even bigger amounts of ash for years.

Update Friday, airports closed in Poland, Austria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria.

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