Thursday, April 15, 2010

The vast and obvious dangers of modern existence

Plumbers, hairdressers, electricians, mechanics, construction workers and painters to name a few among countless other occupations have a far higher chance of contracting various forms of cancer than a given selection of the general population, according to a survey (needs to be translated) by the Norwegian workers environment institute (STAMI), a survey easily valid in all industrialized countries and societies.

They are calling it a landmark survey (drawing on info gathered from 1961 to 2005), but in truth it isn’t. This is merely yet another survey telling it like it is, to a point, but not going far enough when it comes to describing how all the lethal chemicals and compounds we’re surrounding ourselves with are threatening our life and health.

The cumulative dangers of growing up and living within a given modern society are far higher than this limited survey is showing.

Nothing has been done with it, and nothing will ever be done with it, as long as money talks and power and injustice and inequality are allowed to prevail. People’s health and lives are quite simply unimportant as long as the current society exists. All other priorities, except greed and power and «progress» are rescinded. A massive poisoning and destruction of all life on Earth is an inevitable result of civilization.

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