Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day - a fairly good thing

Earth Day is a good thing. It did, after all give birth to the modern environmental movement, or at least to what was one, briefly, before it turned mainstream, turned commercial, which is never a good thing. So, it’s fair to say that Earth Day was a good thing, its beginning a great event, actually.

But that is mostly of the past. Today it’s mostly more of the initial embarrassing ideas like plant a tree and stuff. It has little or no bearing on today’s reality, like it should.

For the record: it isn’t that much wrong with planting a tree, not in itself, but such naive shit is a dangerous diverting of attention away from true issues. And the logging companies plant lots of trees, and they present the new emerging forest as just as worthy as the old forest they ruined, and many people believe that, because of the logging propaganda, of course, but also because some «environmentalists» support the idea.

There are tons of days and hours for virtually anything, for countless «good causes» these days, all basically totally worthless or even counterproductive, because they hardly go to the root of the issue or even scratch the surface. That’s the current «environmental movement» in a nutshell.

I’m calling for a far more radical environmental policy, not this lukewarm shit. The entire modern society needs to be turned on its heels, inside out, and that’s just for starters.

So, until we get the Earth Millennium or rather Eternity, good day to you all.


Unknown said...

Hi Amos-
I was in Union Square for the "original" Earth Day celebration-wide-eyed 60's flower child-How we got from there to the brink of disaster is the mystery of human perversion. I do not see society changing until it is forced to by utter ruin.

Lucid Glow said...

My aunt was there, too. She told me a lot about it, about the fiery hope among those gathered there.

The majority will never change society, no matter how bad conditions become. They will always be stooges of the destroyers.